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How to fillet/cut a striped bass

Notice: It's my special way to fillet the striped bass. It's different from the traditional Japanese way.

Direction :

1.Peel the scales off and cut off the head then clean the fish (not included in the video)

2.Use a sharply and thick knife to cut two line on the bone inside of the stomach. (It's easy to cut the bone later)

3.slice two side of the striped bass. Keep your knife on top of the main bone. Using the knife to strike the bone. Get the first half off.

4.Cut off the belly bone. And peel off the skin. Take out bones in the middle.

Thanks for watching. I will have more videos about sushi and other types of food on Mondays. Subscribe and share. You will not miss my videos.

Notice: when we are serving the striped bass. It's better to slice thin. It has better texture.

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