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Motivation - the main "driving force" of any undertaking, whether it is a desire to buy a bun or earn another million. In the first case, the feeling of hunger is the basis of motivation, in the second one - the sense of one's own importance, the desire to purchase for this million a salon for the wife, the desire to "get around" a competitor, etc. If everything is simple and understandable with the first case (there is a need - there is a motivation - there is an action), then in the second case of motivating factors there can be a huge amount: the more difficult the goal, the more effort is needed and ... justification for yourself about the expediency of a specific goal!

Motivation: a magic wand for skillful hands

Motivation can be different: individual and collective, positive and negative, in the form of specific incentives and simple, but relevant at a certain moment words.

Sometimes for your own motivation, in order to believe in your strength, it is enough to look through the quotes of great people or see a film about success: dialogue of actors in such films is a complete motivation! Thus, on a strange, successful example, we develop the desire to become better, more successful, to achieve goals by all possible methods. I did it when I was medical representative in India.

The choice of motivating words is, as a rule, depending on the specifics of the situation and your place in it. If you are the wife of a person who needs a little emotional push, all you can do is sincerely stress his inner "core" and his love for him, regardless of the "weather in the house." If you are the boss and you need to motivate the staff, the "affair" is not limited to "business", you need a more pragmatic approach (words that emphasize the importance of each individual employee, and promises that will open up any prospects).

However, in the case of a team, a more rational method of motivation is the methods of organizational influence. Such methods include:

? orders within the company;
? memos;
? orders and management teams;
? administrative decisions of managers.

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