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Self motivation through visualization

If you want to motivate yourself for a task, then imagine yourself in front of your mind as you do the task with joy and elan. Paint it with colorful colors and think about the moment you have mastered this task - how good and relieved you feel and how proud you are. I did it when i was a medical representative and these things helped me a lot. So just wanted to share it with you.

It gives us a good feeling when we have done a task. Why should we not use this feeling beforehand by imagining our feelings with all our senses? What exactly will you see when you fulfill the task? What will you hear? How will you feel? What will you say to yourself? What will others say to you? Is not that a good feeling? So you can motivate yourself by visualizations very strongly.

Watch your inner programs

Do not ever think about yourself, for example, that you can not "concentrate," or that you "will never master this task". So you are programming to not have the desire to fail or to be still unmotivated. If you can not turn off your thoughts, write them down once on a piece of paper and then tear it. This is a cleansing ritual that can free us from tormenting thoughts.

Better yet, say that "the job is fun", that it is "done quickly", or that it is "a children's game". Even if you do not believe in it, you are programming your subconscious mind to the new useful thoughts and you have already passed these thoughts into flesh and blood.

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