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Forum Thread: How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs & Other Hacks

I've grown up hating eggs. Whether they're boiled, in salad or scrambled but over the last few years, particularly when I moved out of home and had to get quicker meals, I'd resort to eggs. And scrambled is all I would love but they needed to be perfect. I tried these hacks and eggs became my go-to every morning. You can read my account of Embracing The Ubiquitous Eggs on SolidGoldEats.

Forum Thread: New Here

Hi everyone, I am new to the site and I am looking to start my own shave ice business with my niece this summer. I have no idea where to start. Can someone help me out? I need to buy a bunch of stuff but I don't want to dump a lot of money into this. Anyone know a good place to start?

Forum Thread: How to Customize Your Special Cakes with Creative Thinking

Creativity is the only thing that keeps us alive and it could be made easily special with the help of best services. One should combine creativity with innovation to make different design cakes. The flavor of the cakes can also be changed with the help of these things and it could be made especially well in online cake shops. Most of these cake shops are innovative and are made good with the help of good things. It is made tasty with the addition of flavors with these best cakes which is simp...

Forum Thread: Tasty Multigrain Sandwiches (Gluten Free!)

Confession: Since creating this recipe, I have made it about 15 times and haven't made "real" gluten free sandwich bread once. It's that amazing and easy! Seriously, you can make homemade soft warm rolls for a sandwich in under 30 minutes! These are sturdy and taste delicious. Most people probably would not be able to guess that these are gluten free. These pack very well in a lunch box...I bring them on planes all the time!

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