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Forum Thread: Types of Cakes That Make an Occasion Complete

When it comes to celebrating any kind of occasions, cakes play a very crucial role as any sort of occasion is incomplete without delicious cakes. As we know India is a land of different cultures, ethnicities, and religions, so the numbers of occasions are also really vast. Now in this article, we are going to talk about the best types of cakes that can add a serious amount of charm to any kind of occasion.

Forum Thread: Easiest Preparation of Making Eggless Cake

Have you stopped consuming eggs due to any kind of health condition or you just want to avoid the added cholesterol? If yes, you might have planned to give up venturing on those delicious, heavenly made cakes and you are really depressed for this. As a die-hard cake lover, it is really difficult to stay away from the cake. Well, here's a great news for you as you can now enjoy the very luscious simple and moist soft chocolate cakes that come without any eggs butter and milk. Only the frosting...

Forum Thread: Evolution of Noodles

Did you know that instant noodles was invented by Momofuku Ando who was the founder of a Japanese food company. He also invented chicken Ramen which is world's first instant noodles. Later various flavor noodles was developed. Soon after this cup noodles came into the market and its popularity spread wide to America and Europe. Now it is one of the most consumed food item around the world. Now variety of instant noodles with various flavors are available in the market. Which noodle brand do y...

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