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Forum Thread: How to Chose Best Frymaster Parts

Frymaster parts was founded in 1935. Today, their quality and engineering are renowned within the industry. Winners of the Food Equipment & Service Best in Class 2015 award for deep fryers - making it 15 straight times winning that award. Frymaster parts continues to be one of the most sought-after brands in any commercial kitchen restaurant Equipment parts. Whether it's your high-efficiency gas fryer, or your soup and sauce rethermalizer, shop Partsfps for top quality Frymaster replacement p...

Forum Thread: How to Motivate People-Motivations for Action

Motivation - the main "driving force" of any undertaking, whether it is a desire to buy a bun or earn another million. In the first case, the feeling of hunger is the basis of motivation, in the second one - the sense of one's own importance, the desire to purchase for this million a salon for the wife, the desire to "get around" a competitor, etc. If everything is simple and understandable with the first case (there is a need - there is a motivation - there is an action), then in the second ...

Forum Thread: *Self Motivation Through Visualization*

Self motivation through visualization If you want to motivate yourself for a task, then imagine yourself in front of your mind as you do the task with joy and elan. Paint it with colorful colors and think about the moment you have mastered this task - how good and relieved you feel and how proud you are. I did it when i was a medical representative and these things helped me a lot. So just wanted to share it with you.

Forum Thread: 200 Chicken Nuggets from Burger King?

Got some friends together to try this 200 chicken nugget challenge. Didn't take extremely long. Maybe around 20 minutes or so. Saw a couple videos like this and thought it would be fun. It did get very challenging towards the ending. About the 160-170 mark we hit a wal and got the meat sweats. Challenging even for 5 of us!

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