Forum Thread: A Water Filter That Fits to Thousands of Bottles

Theres nothing worse than being parched thirsty, and all you want is a big swig of fresh cold water.

All you have available to you though is chlorinated, metallic tasting tap water or over priced bottled water from the store which undoubtably is a good 10 minute drive to the local 7/11. Damn. I guess I'll just let my dusty Sahara desert mouth just crumble away in a pile of disappointment and unrefreshment.

Not anymore.

I found this ridiculously handy filter on Kickstarter which makes tap water taste pretty damn good, all while being great for the environment.

Its the Refil Filter.

The Refil Filter is an activated charcoal filter thats been engineered to fit onto your pre loved plastic bottles such as Fiji water, Nestle, Mt Franklin, NZ Natural.. just to name a few.

It filters the chlorine, copper and lead out of tap water which are often the culprits of that unsavoury after taste we're often left with from tap water.

The Refil Filter is made up of three components, the Cap, the Casing, and the biodegradable coconut shell filter

One filter lasts for 150 refills of a 700ml bottle, or for 105 litres. The coconut shell charcoal filter inside is fully biodegradable, while the casing and cap are fully recyclable and can be used over and over with replacement filters.

The 28mm sipper cap has been engineered to fit the filter and casing, specifically for the fact that it can fit onto thousands of plastic bottles worldwide, making tasty tap water available everywhere.

We found a list of all the bottles a Refil Filter fits, check this out:

  • Pump
  • h2go
  • Kiwi Blue
  • NZ Natural
  • NZ Pure
  • Mt Franklin
  • Dassani
  • (1.5L, 1L, 500mL)
  • Smartwater (1.5L, 1L, 500mL)
  • Evian (2L, 1L, 1mL)
  • Aquafina (2L, 1.5L, 1L, 500ml)
  • Propel Coke products (all sizes)
  • Pepsi products (all sizes)
  • Arrowhead (all sizes)
  • Fiji (all sizes)
  • Radnor Hills (500ml)
  • Sparking Ice (500 ml)
  • S. Pellegrino (1L, 500ml)
  • Nestle pure life
  • Strathmore (750mL)
  • TROPICALOE Aloe Vera (500ml)
  • Aquavista -KA Sparkling (500mL)
  • M&S Still Scottish (500mL)
  • Aqua (500ml)
  • Aqua ZEST (500ml)
  • Greggs (500ml)
  • Emerge Isotonic (500ml)
  • Orange tango (500ml)
  • Ice mountain (500ml)
  • Drench (1L, 500ml)
  • Boots (750ml)
  • Highland Spring (1L, 500ml)
  • Orangina (1L, 500ml)
  • Lucozade (500ml)
  • Volvic (1L, 500 ml)
  • Vimto (500 ml)
  • IRN BRU (1L, 500ml)
  • Crystal geyser
  • Deer park - Ozarka
  • Doland Spring
  • Buxton
  • Vittle
  • Still
  • Eden
  • DejaBlue
  • Zephyrhills
  • Java
  • Niagara
  • Salisbury spring water
  • Tesco spring water
  • Kirkland
  • Sam's club
  • Isklar
  • Belu
  • Life
  • Zero
  • Life WTR
  • Kona Deep
  • 1907
  • Waiakia
  • Iceland
  • One
  • Contrex
  • Abbey well
  • Celtic
  • Gerolsteiner
  • Adelholzener
  • Lichtenauer
  • Penafeil
  • Rosbacher
  • New Zealand eternal
  • Aquila
  • Grazia
  • Masafi
  • Alain
  • Gulfu
  • Font Vella
  • Thank you Water

And so many more.

What About BPA You Say?

There is evidence for and against the leaching of BPAs into beverages, however we encourage you to buy a BPA free plastic bottle if you're concerned. More and more beverage companies are heading this way with their bottles so finding one a Refil Filter will adapt to will most probably be easy picking.

Plus, even if you reused a plastic bottle even once with a Refil Filter, thats still potentially one less bottle of water you'd be buying. You could re use a bottle 1 time or 100 times, it just depends on your preference and concerns.

With the encouragement to reuse pre loved plastic bottles to drink water from as opposed to buying more bottled water, its a stimulation on the reduction of plastic bottle consumption, which is pretty damn cool too.

Why Not Just Buy a Stainless Steel or Glass Bottle?

You could? absolutely, me personally they're too heavy for my bag, and when I do my yoga the last thing I want is a glass bottle on a wooden floor while I'm kicking and falling from my lack of ability to 'strike a pose'.

The plastic bottle is always my preference.

Why Not Just Buy a Brita or Bobble Filter Bottle?

I've spent hundreds of dollars on Brita and Bobble bottles, and they work brilliantly. However prolonged use makes them tacky, and eventually lead to leaking. I'd have to front another $20 to buy a new one.

I was always leaving it in the car, or at home anyway so I'd end up buying bottle water or a drink while I'm out. This is why the Refil Filter is perfect for me because it fits in with my lifestyle and behaviour.

I consume drinks, I do, many of us do, at least this way I can make a conscious effort to not buy bottled water and encourage me to reuse, reduce and recycle my plastic bottles.

Where Do I Get One?!

How the hell do I get one of these?

For a measly $10USD you can buy one off Kickstarter . Theres some great packages there and they ship worldwide.

I'd highly recommend!

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