How To: 7 Sweet & Savory Ways to Use Pancake Batter

7 Sweet & Savory Ways to Use Pancake Batter

In my household, we are frugal and somewhat picky eaters, so we have to be a little creative with the things we buy. We like to purchase items that can be used in multiple dishes to reduce cost—and because it's just more practical. Pancake mix is a favorite because it can be used in various dishes where any type of breading may be involved. To help inspire you, here are some of my favorite ways to use pancake batter at home.

1. Pancake Apple Rings

I am not a big apple eating person, but I will eat them fried in pancake batter. These are a super easy treat to make and taste even better when topped with peanut butter or maple syrup.

2. Jaffa Cake Pancakes

A wise woman once told me that chocolate goes great with everything, and this pairing of pancakes with orange marmalade and dark chocolate, called Jaffa Cake pancakes, is a perfect example of this theory in practice.

Image via Good to Know

3. Pancake Onion Rings

This is an easy and quick way to prepare onion rings for your personal enjoyment—especially if you're like me and tend to buy too many onions at once.

Image by Sabrina/Dinner, Then Dessert

4. Popcorn Chicken Bites

This is a handy tip: use pancake batter to make savory and delicious popcorn chicken bites. I much prefer to make it this way as opposed to the traditional breading most recipes call for because it involves a lot less ingredients and it's super quick. What can I say—I'm a 'no-fuss cooking' kind of chick.

5. Burger Pancakes

This fun dessert is something that kids will love to eat—and lucky for us adults, it's both fun and easy to make. Just place a double fudge chocolate chip cookie between two pancakes, then top with colored coconut (the lettuce) and strawberry sauce (the ketchup).

Looks may deceive, but the flavor won't: these burger pancakes are a funny and delicious way to end your meal on a sweet tooth.

6. Pancake Pizza

It may sound bizarre, but pancakes are a fabulous substitute for pizza dough, especially when you want something a little more snack-sized. Pancakes on their own are not sweet, and usually carry a pleasant buttermilk tang that goes well with savory toppings.

To make pancake pizza, just add whatever cheese and toppings you want, then and pop your pancakes into an oven set to broil for 1-3 minutes (or however long it takes to melt the cheese).

7. Pancake Bowls

Pancakes with fruit topping are a favorite breakfast item, but pancake bowls filled with fruit topping will elevate your pancake game for both breakfast and dessert.

The best part about making pancake bowls is its versatility: you can put whatever your heart desires in the middle. I've chosen to fill my pancake bowls with apple pie filling, but the options are endless and its completely up to you!

Until recently, I believed that the only thing made with pancake batter... was pancakes. However, now that I'm trying to be frugal with my food purchases, I think outside the box when it comes to cooking with limited ingredients. These innovative ways to use pancake batter go a long way in helping my budget while still giving me the freedom to eat what I like.

Have you ever used pancake batter to make something other than pancakes? Let us know in the comments below.

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