How To: 8 Mouthwatering S'Mores Food Hacks for Summer

8 Mouthwatering S'Mores Food Hacks for Summer

One of the best things about summertime is that there's lots of outdoor cooking, whether you're on a camping trip or grilling. And what better way to end your meal than with the classic dessert, s'mores?

However, as delicious as the original combo of graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate square is, there's been a lot of movement in the field of S'moreology. People have been pushing the boundaries, and it's about time you did, too.

#1. S'Mochis

Here's true innovation: Ryan Horikochi went and made s'mores using a green tea mochi ice cream treat as the filling. It's pretty amazing, but there's one caveat: butter is involved. Full details over at Foodbeast.

#2. S'mores Pizza

If there's one way to improve on already delicious pizza, it's turning out a giant s'mores pizza. There's this version that uses traditional dough as the base:

My god, has the crust been stuffed with chocolate, or are we hallucinating? Image by Reenazoid/Foodspotting

And to take the dessert-y taste even further, there's this Nutella version which uses a giant chocolate chip cookie as the crust:

We're not sure if this signifies the end of days or the dawn of a new golden age. Image by Pillsbury/Menin Hospitality

#3. S'mores Inside a Chocolate Chip Cookie

But if making a pizza-sized cookie crust seems like too much bother, don't worry: you can make a cookie that's stuffed with s'mores filling.

This comes in handy for the s'mores lover who's on the go. Image via Dip It in Chocolate

#4. Ritz Reese's Peanut Butter S'mores

Now, lots of folks get pretty creative about swapping out the ingredients for s'mores: using snickerdoodles and Oreo wafers instead of graham crackers, or adding ice cream to the marshmallow and chocolate filling, for instance.

But in this case, you can make two changes that are sheer genius: use Ritz crackers and a peanut butter cup instead of the traditional ingredients. Did someone say game-changer?

It's the perfect marriage of salty, nutty, sweet, and SUGAR. Image via Kevin and Amanda

#5. Deconstructed Rolo S'mores

For you health nuts out there who want to avoid wheat, here's this innovation: a s'mores that uses a marshmallow as the crust. Yum.

Marshmallow + Rolo = Amazing. Image via Simply.Be.Photo

#6. Giant S'mores Keyboard

For those of you who are working hard, never fear: there's a s'more out there for you, too. Behold, the ginormous keyboard s'more!

No need to clean this baby. You can just eat the whole thing once you're ready for a new one. Image via Unknown source

Alas, there is some question as to whether this is actually edible or just a plastic simulacrum. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe, so I'll continue to tell myself that this isn't just a cruel hoax.

#7. Frozen S'mores—From the Guy Who Invented the Cronut

Dominique Ansel, who invented the cronut and the chocolate chip cookie shot glass continues to make the world a sweeter place by inventing the frozen s'more.

Grub Street reports that this $7 confection consists "of a scoop of vanilla ice cream based on Turkish maras dondurma rolled in crispy chocolate feulletine and encased in a cube of fresh marshmallow. Ansel impales the jumbo sweet on an applewood-smoked willow branch, and the bakery's staff torches them to order."

Is it worth $7? We'll have to eat five or six and then let you know. Image via CrackBerryCream

I'm not sure what any of that means, but I'll eat it.

#8. S'mores Fondue—With Booze

If there's anything better than melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows between two graham crackers, it's dipping marshmallows in a dark chocolate-and-whiskey sauce and covering it with graham cracker crumbs.

You could go the extra mile and toast the marshmallows, too, if you have that much patience. Image via Cooking Channel

If those aren't enough to whet your appetite, you can learn how to make Mexican s'mores and a version with fresh bananas. You can also make a s'mores kit as a gift for your s'mores-hungry friends.

Plus, be sure to check out tip #13 for s'mores on our grilling hacks guide.

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