How To: 9 Pizza Hacks You Need to Try Before You Die

9 Pizza Hacks You Need to Try Before You Die

When it comes to pizza, everyone has strong opinions about how they like their pie, whether they prefer deep dish, thin crust, Chicago-style, or gluten-free. However, most people agree that a pizza is composed of some basic parts: a single layer of crust (usually wheat-based), sauce (usually tomato-based, cheese, and toppings.

Image via Tasty Kitchen

Yet enterprising cooks out there are putting a spin on the classic by turning pizza on its head. Sink your teeth into these pizza hacks before it's too late!

1. Pizza Fries

You heard right: pizza toppings on a crust of French fries. This is a great way to reuse old fries at home. You can also make your own super-crispy fries if you need more material for your crust.

Image by ALPOE/Urban Spoon

2. Pizza Fries 2.0 (Now with No Potatoes)

Imagine a flaky crust stuffed with pizza fillings, topped with cheese, and cut into convenient French fry-shapes so you can dip these "fries" into marinara sauce. Yum, right?

Image via Oh, Bite It!

3. Pizza in a Cone

The only thing better than pizza is ice cream. Now you can have the best of both worlds by eating your pizza in a cone!

Image by Pizzacraft/Amazon

Some restaurants actually serve this tasty concoction. You can also make these at home with a handy kit.

4. Doughless Pizza

When you don't have any pizza dough, potatoes will do just fine, as long as you have a vegetable shredder. Luxirare has 4 delicious recipes you can try out, from plain ol' cheese and pepperoni to shrimp scampi.


5. Paleo Pizza

If you're into the paleo eating regimen, you can also make a grain-free pizza with pesto sauce that uses shredded sweet potato for the crust.

Image via Paleo Mom

There's also a tasty cauliflower crust that's just as healthy (and the cauliflower makes it look pretty close to traditional wheat dough):

Image via Natural Noshing

6. 20 Pizzas in 1

Inspired by John Riepenhoff and the art of collage, this meta-pizza was specially made to complement an art display. The individual mini-pizzas were made separately and placed atop the big one.

Image via Max Iter's Fractal Follies

7. The Infamous Pizza Cake

O Canada! You've given us so many great things (Kids in the Hall) and terrible ones (Justin Bieber). Canadian chain Boston Pizza presented this giant behemoth, the pizza cake, or as I like to call it, "heart disease."

Image via Uproxx

Full disclosure: although it horrifies me, I would totally eat a slice or three.

8. Pizza on a Stick

Also known as pizza pops. You can make the cute bite-size version...

Image via The Decorated Cookie

Or the hilarious adult-sized one:

Image via blogTO

9. Bite-Size Pizzas Served in Mushroom Caps

They're adorable and good for you. Plus, they're pretty easy to make.

Image via Apron Strings

If you don't like mushrooms, you could just make a regular pizza cupcake using a muffin tin.

Image by My Kitchen Snippets/WonderHowTo

What pizza innovations do you like? And don't tell me leftover pizza in a waffle maker. That's for when you can't finish any of the above!

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I can't eat cheese so I rarely eat pizza. Which sucks when friends or the family order pizza takeout.

Have you tried Daiya? A lot of my vegan friends swear by it, and although I am far from vegan, I've tried it and it's not bad: Daiya Foods.

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