How To: Break Open a Can of Food Without a Can Opener

Break Open a Can of Food Without a Can Opener

Canned foods aren't only for Doomsday Preppers—they're great for camping trips and super quick meals on the go. When the hunger starts knocking, that can of goodies could be a savior during the Zombie Apocalypse or that day before grocery shopping.

If you have even been on a camping trip and forgot the can opener, or have an electric can opener at home that quits on you, you might have just given up on the can. But, you might not have known about this super easy trick.

The Crazy Russian Hacker shows us how to open a can using your bare hands and some concrete like a complete beast.

All you need to do is rub the can on the concrete until you see the edges starting to wear.

Then you squeeze the sides of the can until the lid pops right off. I would suggest wearing gloves, just to avoid cutting yourself on the can edges.

You don't need a slab of concrete or a cinder block necessarily. You could easily go outside and do this on your sidewalk or in the backyard. So, remember tools are for suckers. All you need is some street and your mitts and dinner will be ready in minutes.

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I'd better not let my cats read this - or I'm redundant!

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