Car Wax: The Secret Ingredient to an Easy-to-Clean Stove

The Secret Ingredient to an Easy-to-Clean Stove

It's nearly impossible to keep a stovetop clean when cooking, at least, in my experience. No matter what I do, liquid and solid food bits fall to the surface and around the burners every single time, creating a hard-to-clean mess.

Scrubbing away the stains and crusty charred remains is a hassle, but I've found a preventative solution that makes it just a couple wipes versus tons of scrubbing—car wax. Yes, you read that right. The same product that keeps your vehicle nice and shiny can help keep your range looking clean.

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Car wax was designed to give an automobile a glossy look, but more importantly, to keep scratches from happening and make cleaning a breeze. Even though most cars since the early '80s have a clear coat over the paint job that does the same thing, that clear coat can still be damaged and worn, and wax can help keep it in tip-top shape. It reduces the appearance of grimy handprints and clinging dust, and adds a slippery layer of protection.

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When it comes to your stovetop, car wax has the same preventive properties, meaning future pills, splatters, and food bits will slide off your cooktop like never before.

Car wax is not a cleaning product, so before you head straight to waxing your stovetop, use a sponge and your usual cleaning product to get your the surface of your range spotless. Then, apply a car wax of your choosing, following the label's instructions. Just make sure that you're buffing it onto a cool stovetop—applying it to a hot surface can create unpleasant smells.

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This polishing method is safe for all stove types (stainless steel, metal, and glass-ceramic), both electric and gas, and will even keep fingerprints and smudges down to a minimum. The wax treatment should last anywhere from one to two weeks, so when you notice your stove is losing its waxy sheen, just wipe off the surface and apply more wax.

Okay, so now that your stovetop's surface is easier to clean, what about those burners and grates? The easiest way to clean them is to use ammonia, and you can read more about how that works in my other guide.

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