How To: Chill Any Drink in 1 Minute

Chill Any Drink in 1 Minute

Here is how to cool any desired drink to a nice and cold temperature in just one minute. Whatever the reason why you need a cool drink fast, whether it's because you don't have a fridge or freezer on hand, or that you just want to make your drink cold fast, this method is awesome.

This method of cooling your drinks fast is called superchilling.

Step 1: Find Your Drinks

The first step is to get the drinks that you would like to cool.

Step 2: Put the Drinks in a Large Mixing Bowl Full of Water

Take your desired drinks that you would like to cool and just drop them into a large mixing bowl full of water and some ice.

Step 3: Add Some Salt

Pour some salt into the mixing bowl as you stir the drinks around with your hands for about a minute. When salt touches ice, it superchills the water, instantly making it SUPER COLD.

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