How To: Create a Beautiful Edible Apple Swan

Create a Beautiful Edible Apple Swan

We will show you with easy step by step instruction how to create a beautiful edible apple swan. This swan is easy to create and can be done in under 5m. Makes for a great centre piece during a special dinner.

Step 1: Cut Your Apple

Cut the apple almost in half but not quite, angle your knife a little to cut less apple off near the bottom section of the apple.

Step 2: Remove the Seeds

Pick the seeds out from the apple as we will use them later to create the swan's eyes.

Step 3: Cut the Wings

We need to now cut the wings. Place the apple in between 2 butter knife, and use another knife to cut down the apple a little to the right of the core. The knife your cutting knife along the butter knifes until you can remove an apple section.

Step 4: Rince and Repeat

Flip the apple around and do the same to the other side. After the other side is done, grab your precut pieces and repeat the process of cutting to create the wings. Once all the piece are cut, put them all back together on top of the base

Step 5: Cut Slot for Head

Use you knife to cut a slot into the middle on the swan body for the head to rest into. Be careful when cutting the slot as the side are very and a little pressure could break the sides.

Step 6: Slice for the Head

Take the other half of the apple and put in in between the butter knifes. Cut a couple of slices until you a nice even width hearth looking slice.

Step 7: Prepare the Head

3 cuts are needed for the head. Use the hearth part of the apple to create the swan head. The first 2 cuts create the beak, and the last cut creates the height on the head.

Step 8: Plant the Eyes

Use the seeds which we put aside at the start to create the eyes of the swan. Use you knife to push them into the apple slice and secure it into place. Flip the head over and repeat on the other side as well.

Step 9: Last Step, Attach the Head

The last step in to just grab the head in insert it into the slot we created earlier.

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