How To: Cut a Perfect Bowl Full of Watermelon

Cut a Perfect Bowl Full of Watermelon

Watermelons scream summer like no other fruit, and there's nothing like biting into a sweet one on a hot summer day. Although there's no exact right way to cut watermelon, there are many occasions when you might not want to cut it into wedges. It may be the classic cut, but the triangular shape insures that you'll always get some on your face. And for parties, there's always the messy problem of leftover rinds.

This smart, simple way to cut a large watermelon for a crowd makes a perfect bowl of cut fruit. Jennifer Jenner demonstrates this technique in the video below, and it's perfect for little fingers, large parties or picnics, and snacking. And it's supremely superior to buying pre-cut watermelon at the store, which is almost never fresh and always overpriced.

We recommend thoroughly washing the outside of the melon before you cut into it, so as not to drag any residual bacteria or pesticides into the flesh.

Step 1: Cut Your Large Watermelon in Half

Jenner recommends making small cuts all the way around the rind and then "snapping" the melon in half.

Step 2: Place It Cut-Side Down on a Cutting Board

Step 3: Using a Sharp Knife, Remove the Rind

You don't have to be super-exact about this, either. Just take a first pass and get most of it off.

As Jenner points out, you can go back and get rid of the white bits in a second or third round.

Step 4: Slice It Evenly

Just slice that sucker up the same way you would a loaf of bread.

Next, rotate the cutting board 90°, and slice it again.

Step 5: Place a Large Bowl Upside Down Over Cut Watermelon

Now comes the magic...

Step 6: Flip the Entire Cutting Bowl Over

Ta-da! You'll have perfect watermelon sticks to share and enjoy!

Don't Want to Dirty a Bowl?

Dave Hax has another method for you try, which skips the serving bowl altogether. And you keep the rind on as a serving tool to keep people's fingers from getting sticky. See how to do it here.

Image via Dave Hax

How to Get the Ripest Watermelon at the Store

Want to make sure your watermelon is ready to eat? Here are three pro tips for choosing the right one at the grocery store or market.

#1. Knock, Knock Method

Put your ear close to the watermelon and knock. It should make a hollow sound, just like you're knocking on a wooden door.

#2. Look for the Yellow Ground Spot

Roll the watermelon over and look for a yellow spot on its bottom. That's where it sat on the ground. If it's white or green, then it was picked too soon. This is an important one, as watermelons don't ripen off the vine.

Image via Fabulous Farm Girl

#3. Check for Bee Stings

Look for tiny pinholes or scratch marks which might be in a cluster, as that indicates bees have been drinking some of the sweet juice. Bees always find the sweetest fruit and flowers.

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