How To: DIY Functional Fidget Spinner Cookies

DIY Functional Fidget Spinner Cookies

Step by Step Video

Step 1: Ingredients Needed

You will need the following:

2.5 Cups of Flour
3/4 of Sugar
1/4 tsp of Salt
1 cup unsalted butter, room temp.
2 tsps of Vanilla Extract
2 Tbs cream cheese, room temp,
Royal icing
Bottle Cap

Step 2: Mixing

Mix together the flour, sugar, and salt until fully incorporated.
Add the unsalted butter and mix until small crumbs form and it is shiny
Add your Vanilla Extract and Cream Cheese
Mix until large clumps forms, then remove from bowl.
Knead dough until it is a uniform consistency and elastic. Form a ball, cover with plastic wrap and chill for 30 mins

Step 3: Cutting Your Cookies

Remove the dough from the fridge
Roll your dough out to 1/4 inch thickness with a rolling pin
Place a fidget spinner on your dough -- press slightly to outline the center cap
Hold in place and use a knife to cut our our cookie (About 8 of them)

Using the same dough at 1/4 inch thick, use a bottle cap to cut out double the amount of fidget spinners ( this will be your caps.

Step 4: Cutting Your Bearings

Roll your dough back into a ball
Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough to 1/2 inch or slightly larger
Take a straw and press firmly through the dough to make your bearing
Be careful not to deform the bearing upon removal from straw or handling
Make one for each fidget spinner

Step 5: Final Cutting Step

Place your cookie cut outs on to your baking sheet on parchment paper

Using the same straw ( in the center of the fidget spinners) press the straw down and rotate in a circular motion to make the hole slightly larger than the straw.

Preheat your oven to 350 -- Cooking the cookies for 12-15 mins or golden brown. (Remove bearings after 6-7 mins)

Step 6: Decorating and Assembly

After Baking, allow the cookies to cool
Using your icing decorate the cookies however you wish, coloring the spinner, and 2 caps -- Allow to dry

Once dry take one cap and one bearing -- placing a dab if icing on the back of the cap, place the bearing center on the cap and allow to dry.

Once dry place the bearing through the center of the spinner and place a dab of icing on top of the bearing. Place the final cap on the top of the bearing.

Step 7: Final

Once dried, --PLAY your new cookies should be fully functional and COOL!

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