How To: Dunk an Oreo Cookie in Milk Without Getting Your Fingers Messy

Dunk an Oreo Cookie in Milk Without Getting Your Fingers Messy

Who can eat Oreos without a glass of cold milk? They're called "milk's favorite cookie" for a reason, after all. People tend to feel strongly one way or the other on whether or not to dunk cookies in general, but most dunkers and non-dunkers alike can agree that milk is a must with Oreos.

The only problem? Like anything else you dunk in milk, no one likes the sticky, messy fingers that you inevitably end up with.

Or, god forbid, you accidentally drop it or the cookie breaks and you have to fish it out before it sinks to the bottom.

The solution is simple—dunk them with a fork.

The cream in the middle is the perfect consistency to hold it on the fork, and the cookie won't break or crumble. Let's see you do that with a chocolate chip!

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If you're not a dunker, you can just use the fork for getting the first few cookies out of the package (don't lie, you know it's annoying).

It's also worth pointing out that if a plain old fork doesn't cut it, there are actually gadgets made specifically for this purpose. The aptly named FORKEO will run you $3.99 for a pack of 15.

And...the fancy-schmancy reusable Dipr is $2.99—and comes in five colors!

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Few people may be serious enough about their Oreo cookie dunking to buy a device, but (almost) everyone's got a fork. It may seem silly, but it's one less little annoyance, which makes it totally worth washing the extra utensil.

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I always have a glass of milk and drop in about 3 pieces of Oreo cookies. I waited for half a minute to let it soften abit and used a chinese spoon to eat them. The chinese spoon is big and deep enough to hold a cookie together with a load of milk. Put all together in your mouth and the taste is heavenly!

I sometimes put in Oreo Double Stuff for that extra kick!

It's hard to find cookies that go great with milk. Oreos with milk is like the best thing on earth! Oreos have to be eaten with milk can't agree with that. Although I hate getting my fingers wet while dipping it in milk and searching for the cookie at the bottom of glass. It makes me not want to eat the cookie anymore or drink the milk. The fork technique is amazing and useful

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