How To: The Effortless Secret to Baking Perfect, Crispy-Edged Cookies with Chewy Centers

The Effortless Secret to Baking Perfect, Crispy-Edged Cookies with Chewy Centers

No matter how good you are at baking, we've all had a cookie mishap (or disaster) or two. Sometimes you forget about them and they burn, other times you open the oven to find your sweet treats have melted into one huge, disappointing blob of a cookie. And occasionally, you just picked a bad recipe (although no one ever believes you when this is the case).

While everyone has their own preferred "best cookies ever" recipe, we can all agree that crispy edges and a chewy center is the texture we're going for (unless you're one of those people who only likes soft baked cookies).

Turns out, there's a super simple trick to not only getting those edges extra crunchy, but also improving the overall flavor—just let your batter rest.

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The folks over at America's Test Kitchen tested this theory based on the fact that sugar that's completely dissolved before baking caramelizes better. They whipped up two batches, baking one right away and letting the batter in the other rest for ten minutes after adding the sugar to the liquids.

The results? As expected, the batch that rested had chewy centers, crisper edges, and deeper flavor than the control batch.

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So, next time you're baking cookies, be sure to take that ten minute break before adding your dry ingredients. You won't regret it.

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Keyword here is carmelization, and to be sure the sugar is dissolved before adding the oats/flour etc. Thanks!! I was inclined to use more oil to accomplish the crispy edges. Will give it a try today.

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