How To: Engineer a No-Slip Sandwich

Engineer a No-Slip Sandwich

Most of us know how to make a sandwich, but how many of us know how to make a sandwich correctly—i.e., so that the slippery ingredients like tomatoes and cucumber don't come gushing out the other end when we take a bite?

And while some might classify this as a not-really-a-problem type of problem, the truth is that taking a few extra seconds to think about what ingredient is next to what will save you a whole lot of mess and distraction the next time you bite into your homemade lunch.

Why not save yourself some trouble and mess by doing a little sandwich strategizing? Image by Alex Ebin Meyer/Simon & Schuster

Dan Pashman, author of Eat More Better, spoke to NPR about the ideal way to construct your midday meal so that no accidents occur.

The key? Be sure to build in friction between slippery elements like cucumbers and tomatoes. He advises adding in an extra layer of greens between the slippery items to provide more resistance, and thus gripping, when you bite into the sandwich as a whole.

While that's good advice, our take would be to cut your cucumbers so they're serrated, like so, which would also add friction:

A special tool can help you cut those nice zig-zags into your cuke slices. Image via A Little Bite of Life

Another good tip just from our own personal sandwich-eating experience? Add a layer of cheese in between anything slippery (especially cream cheese) and place tomatoes in a shallow layer—any overlapping of tomato slices will lead to more slipperiness. Also be sure to add a layer of fat (mayo, butter, or cheese) right next to or on the bread before adding any ingredients that have a high degree of moisture—this prevents sogginess.

Pashman also advises to seriously think about bread choice when you assemble a sandwich. The harder/crustier your bread, the more pressure you'll be forced to exert when you bite, and thus the more chance you have for slippage. Of course, you can negate this problem by creating a snug wrapper for your sandwich—preferably out of a paper towel or aluminum foil.

Want more? Then learn how to eat a burger with no mess, according to science. Maybe even try flipping it upside down.

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Cover image via Dan Foy/Flickr

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