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Extract Pomegranate Seeds More Easily by Making Precision Segment Slices

Hate the sticky mess of slicing into a pomegranate? Of course you do, but it doesn't have to be like that. By cutting off the top and making a few precision incisions down the outside, you can crack that sucker open and knock out all of those little arils into a bowl (or, just eat them straight out of the fruit).

Cut the top off the pomegranate. Be careful not to cut yourself. Starting from the top, cut down along each segment of seeds. Be careful not to cut completely through the fruit. Take out a bowl that is big enough for all the seeds. Turn the pomegranate over the bowl and using the back of a spoon tap out the seeds. Continue to rotate the pomegranate in order to free all of the seeds. Repeat.

Here's another demo of this technique:

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