How To: Keep Tiny Dust Crumbs Out of the Last Bowl of Cereal for More Crunch, Less Mush

Keep Tiny Dust Crumbs Out of the Last Bowl of Cereal for More Crunch, Less Mush

Cereal may be the most popular of breakfast choices, but one thing that has always bothered me about it is the crumbs.

Just like a bag of potato chips, when you reach the last third of cereal in the bag, you're left with nothing but shattered remnants of what used to be. At least with a bag of chips, you have the choice to skip the tiny crumbs or not. It's a little harder with cereal, especially when it's mostly dust that flies right into your bowl.

Some of you may actually like that, but for those who don't, there's an easy fix. The next time you're met with a bag of crushed up cereal remains, don't fret—strain. You can eliminate all of the unwanted dust in your cereal by running it through a colander (aka pasta strainer) first.

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Aside from a cleaner bowl of cereal, removing the dust from sugary cereals like Cap n' Crunch's Crunch Berries (pictured above) will help cut down on trips to the dentist because you're getting rid of all that excess sugar the gets stuck at the bottom of the bag.

Even for healthier cereals like Raisin Bran, removing the dust from that last bit of cereal will make the cereal feel crunchier, since you won't have a ton of mushy, milk-soaked dust particles in the bowl. A soggy bowl of Raisin Bran is about as appetizing as a bowl of wet cardboard.

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Do you have anymore cereal tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments section.

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There is nothing worse than the left-over crumbs from a box of shredded wheats. Thanks for this tip!

Ha, for sure. Glad I could help!

With respect to cereal dust. If vertical motion accentuates the problem why not ship the product laying horizontally. With the surface area of the height being greater than that of the base of the box the dust would spread out over a larger area and be more spread out with each serving once the cereal is used.

One would imagine that the most of the vibration is in the manufacture and shipping while not as much occurs in the store from the transfer to the stock room to the shelf. Unless you have kids shaking the box for a prize I would assume the home vibrations should be minimal.

Another way to get rid of crumbs.

Place the bottom of the bag over you sink, holding the bag taught (tight) use a large skewer, as the type used for kabobs, poke through the the bottom of the bag several times, tip back up and shake over the sink and you don't have to use a strainer/colander.

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