How To: Make In-N-Out Burgers at Home

Make In-N-Out Burgers at Home

Here at WonderHowTo, we're fascinated with the art of fast food replication: McDonald's, White Castle, KFC, Taco Bell, and now Serious Eats brings us another American classic—the fabled In-N-Out burger.

Those of us on the western side of the country are all too familiar with In-N-Out. Delicious fries. Fresh ingredients. The legendary secret menu.

Those on the eastern side of the country: you're missing out. Big time. Until now, that is. Serious Eats breaks down how to make a perfect clone of the classic In-N-Out burger, Animal Style.

Click through for instructions and recipe.

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Photos via J. Kenji López Alt of Serious Eats


I'm at my farm in the Midwest. I didn't even get part way thru this article when I was starving! I had to go get the goat ribs I was cooking & chow down before I could finish!!

These days, I only eat humanely handled, pasture finished meat & I thought I'd never again be able to have a DoubleDouble! Growing up in SoCal... I was addicted early in life. I've got to try making one of these w/ good beef! (Y'll don' t know what you're missing... eating that junk from the market! Pasture finished meat, that's never eaten grain is to die for good! I can only imagine what it'll be like on a home made Double Double!

And.... only someone who's never had a DoubleDouble could think them over rated! Now, you want an over rated burger... try to choke down a White Castle!!! My daughter & I were driving thru Illinois & saw a White Castle place. We wanted to try one. Took one bit & threw the rest away!!!! Totally GROSS!!!!

My son is addicted to In-n-Out double doubles, animal style. We only eat the White Castle that comes frozen in the super market. It does not compare, but at 2 in the morning, it will do.

evelyn - would love to hear back how the recipe turns out (how it compares to the real thing)

Why do they always ask if you want onions or not? Did somebody sue them to say that or is that the work of the onion illuminati? Also, there are no onions in that picture.. conspiracy!

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