How To: The One Thing That Even Cheap Vodka Is Good For—Making You Smell Better

The One Thing That Even Cheap Vodka Is Good For—Making You Smell Better

It's always tempting to grab yesterday's shirt and toss it on in a fit of laziness, but before you do and venture outside, it's probably wise to freshen it up a bit first. The most obvious way to do that is with some Febreze, but if you don't have any around, your liquor cabinet will do the trick.

Vodka is great at removing odors from clothing and for extending the life of your favorite garments. Best of all, you don't even need the good stuff—the cheapest bottom-shelf vodka works just fine. Expensive brands aren't any better at eliminating odors, so save that for sipping instead.

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Pour the vodka into an empty spray bottle for easy application. Make sure to use vodka only, as water will dilute the alcohol's odor-removing power.

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Hang up the items you plan to refreshen, and spray away. Try not to wet the fabric, though; aim for a light misting instead. As you spritz the fabrics with vodka, the alcohol gathers up the odorants clinging to your clothing. When the alcohol evaporates into the air, it takes the smell with it.

That's it! Your clothes will be stink-free, thanks to vodka's high alcohol content. By eliminating odors, you can cut down on washes and lengthen the life of your clothes, especially if we're talking about denim jeans.

Now, what do you do with that leftover cheap vodka? How about this? Or, one of these? De-smelling your clothes isn't all that Smirnoff can do.

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