How To: Prank Your Friend's Coffee by Swapping Dairy Creamer for Alka Seltzer

Prank Your Friend's Coffee by Swapping Dairy Creamer for Alka Seltzer

Ah, the art of the April Fool's Day prank. It has to walk a fine line: not enough prankish flair and the joke falls flat. If it's too mean, then you've just bummed everybody out.

Fortunately, this prank is a perfect trifecta: it's surprising (even shocking), cheap and easy to enact, and while something does get ruined, it's relatively low-grade. Most likely your victims will laugh... although chances are they'll start plotting their revenge for next year.

So what is it you're going to do? You're going to swap out the powdered coffee creamer in your company's break room for a powder made from crushed Alka-Seltzer tablets. Then you can sit and watch while your unsuspecting coworkers doctor up their coffee or tea... and get a mug full of bubbles instead.

Add a little creamer...
Then you add a little more...
Morning cup of coffee or science project--who can tell?

What You'll Need

  • A hammer or other object for crushing
  • A container of powdered coffee creamer
  • Several dozen Alka-Seltzer or other effervescent tablets
  • Two containers (one to empty the creamer into, the other for the Alka-Seltzer)


  1. Empty out the powdered creamer into a separate container so you can replace it once the prank is done.
  2. Place the Alka-Seltzer tablets in a large, clean container or pan.
  3. Grind them into a fine powder with the hammer.
  4. Scoop the Alka-Seltzer powder into the creamer container.
  5. Wait for someone to add it to his or her mug of joe and enjoy the ensuing hilarity.

HowtoPRANKitup suggests that you make sure you do this prank in an area that's clear of any electronics, outlets, or wires. You don't want a fun April Fool's gag to end up ruining someone's computer or giving a coworker an electric shock.

Be sure to check out howtoPRANKitup's video below for even more home and office pranks—the Alka Seltzer one starts at the 1:00 mark.

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