How To: Prevent an avocado from browning

Prevent an avocado from browning

CHOW gives advice on how to prevent an avocado from browning. You might have noticed that an avocado, when it's cut, starts browning pretty rapidly. The best thing to prevent it from browning is red onion. Cut up a big red onion into chunks and put them in a bowl. Put the cut avocado in the bowl on top of the onions and cover. This works better than plastic wrap or lemon juice or any other method to keep the avocado from browning.

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I did use a yellow onion and it worked pretty well. Still some dark spots but better than other things that I have read about. I have also read that covering avocado dip with water will keep it from browning. This really works. The water did soak into the dip but didn't water it down or change the taste as far as I could tell. So many ideas just don't usually work for me but these do.

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