Shoot & Eat: Get Your Drink on with These DIY Edible Shot Glasses

Get Your Drink on with These DIY Edible Shot Glasses

Alcohol is a marvelous thing. It might even be responsible for saving civilization. And we're always fans of hacking our booze intake, whether it's learning how to drink all night long without getting drunk or how to discreetly get your drink on without anyone knowing.

Now, it's come to our attention that a whole 'nother world of drinking is out there—one that involves containers you can eat, no less. Think of it: you could have a party with so much less clean-up or mess. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about appetizers—your guests can just eat the cup.

Without further ado, we present the best edible shot glasses out there.

#1. Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

This is an easy hack to do at home. Stick a fork in a large marshmallow, toast on all sides, including the bottom, and then use a second fork to carefully slide it off onto a plate. The marshmallow will then naturally hollow itself out, creating a crater where you can pour your booze.

Keep in mind that you have to drink your shot quickly—marshmallows are not exactly water-resistant. The best part is you then get to eat a liquor-soaked marshmallow. Yum. For more information, head to Cheri Alberts' full guide at The Watering Mouth.

#2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glasses

Dominique Ansel, the man behind the cronut, debuted these beauties at SXSW in 2014, which are perfect for sipping ice-cold milk or more adult beverages, like a shot of homemade Kahlua, Bailey's, or even good ol' vodka.

You can make these quasi leakproof if you coat the inside with melted chocolate. Image via NY Mag

Get the full rundown on how to make these shot glasses on your own, including several at-home hacks and shape and size variations.

#3. Oreo Cookie Shot Glasses

My Cupcake Addiction did a variation on the milk-and-cookie shot by creating an Oreo cookie shot—complete with an edible white chocolate spoon and edible Oreo cookie tray. Pretty adorable, right?

Watch the full tutorial above for the process, and check out Elise's Oreo cookie recipe for more help on making the actual cookies. It's not hard to make these confections, but it is labor intensive.

#4. Fruit & Veggie Shot Glasses

If you're someone who likes to sneak in a little health along with your vices, you can learn how to hollow out various kinds of produce to make shot glasses. Shoot/eat one of these and then jog to the bar—your life will now be a complete oxymoron.

All kidding aside, the cucumber and tomato shot glasses below do look great, and they'd be a perfect way to serve a nice aperitif. You could also put a scoop of hummus or spinach dip in them for teetotaler types who want actual food. There's also a fun watermelon margarita shot glass that's perfect for summer!

(1) A Bloody Mary-filled tomato is almost too meta. (2) Mmm... watermelon with mini lime wedge. Images via She Knows

Head on over to Karen Miner's guide on She Knows for a complete how-to and drink recipes.

There's also a way to turn adorable, fuzzy-wuzzy apricots into containers for booze. It's pretty easy and ingenious. Check out the instructions by Maggie Mason at Mighty Girl—she calls them "shots in cots" (via BuzzFeed).

Fruit and alcohol: those are both major food groups, right? Image via Mighty Girl

#5. Ice Shot Glasses

For cocktail purists who want their liquor properly iced, you can learn how to make ice shot glasses. It's easier than you think—you need large and small plastic cups, toothpicks, water, and time. You can even add food coloring to make them look super-cool. Watch the video from Household Hacker to get the full rundown.

There's also a method using a muffin pan and paper Dixie cups if you want to make 'em en masse. Check it out here. And if you really want to get your party started, you can learn how to make extra-large shot glasses from ice here.

#6. Candy Corn Shot Glasses

The folks over at Wilton Candy use their own candy melts and silicone shot glass molds to make these hilarious Halloween-themed shot glasses. There's also a recipe for candy corn vodka out there, but I wouldn't go there if I were you.

Of course, it would be super-easy to mix and match different colored candy melts and make Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, or Fourth of July shot glasses. Any color-coded holiday will work.

#7. The Classic: Chocolate Shot Glasses

There's nothing like a little sugar followup to soften the sting of swallowing hard liquor. That's where these chocolate shot glasses come into play. You can easily make them by using candy melts and silicone molds, like the candy corn shot glasses above, but I prefer to buy them because (a) I'm lazy and (b) the chocolate used in the store-made versions is better-tasting than candy melts, frankly.

If you're in need of a sugar fix, you could even eat these solo--no liquor necessary. Image via The Greenhead

I've ended many a dinner party by whipping out a tray of these and filling them with Grand Marnier, brandy, or another liqueur. People love them, and they're a lifesaver if you're too rushed to make dessert. You can buy some here.

#8. The Meatball Shot Glass

I started to wonder, "Why are all edible shot glasses sweet?" Well, it turns out ManBQue was way ahead of me. They made shot glasses out of meatballs, complete with a cheese swizzle stick.

A Bloody Mary never tasted so authentic! Image via ManBQue

You can get the recipe here (via HuffPo). Note: ManBQue recommends using the meatball shot glasses to serve their bacon vodka. I say do it. Seriously. Go big or go home.

More Booze-Related Fun Awaits You!

Learn how to make your own Skittles shots, make crappy vodka taste better, make a stealth beer can for drinking in public, and use a binder clip for easy beer storage (really).

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