How To: The Shortcut You (Don't) Knead for DIY Donuts

The Shortcut You (Don't) Knead for DIY Donuts

Many "quick and easy" donut recipes involve a donut pan and an oven, but those are basically just mini cakes shaped like donuts. Chances are, if you're in the mood for a donut, you aren't looking for a cake "donut" recipe—you want the real thing—a donut shop donut, fresh out of the fryer and topped with sugar or glazed to perfection.

Finally, you can make a batch of fresh donut shop-quality donuts in your own kitchen without a bulky deep fryer. These donuts are fried (the way donuts should be) and can easily be made out of a tube of buttermilk biscuit dough in just 20 minutes!

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The Biscuit Dough

A tube of biscuit dough!? That's right, I'm talking about a plain and simple tube of ready-made Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits, though any ready-made buttermilk biscuits will work.

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

The toughest part about mastering homemade donuts is getting the dough to rise into a fluffy, delicate texture. Buttermilk biscuit dough has the correct ratio of leavening agents that will result in a perfectly risen donut every time.

Make sure you avoid buying flaky layer or croissant roll dough. These will not work the same as buttermilk biscuit dough.

What You Need

If you don't like cinnamon on your donuts, you could just use sugar by itself instead. (This recipe is a modified version of one from The Toasted Sprinkle.)

Step 1: Heat the Oil

Heat the oil to a proper deep fry temperature, about 350ºF. Use your candy thermometer to get it about right.

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Step 2: Shape Your Donuts

Take the biscuits out of the tube and separate them.

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Then, form a hole in the center of the donut. You can either use a small round cookie cutter or pull the dough apart with your fingers.

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

If you use a cookie cutter, reserve the cutout circles to make donut holes.

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

Step 3: Fry Donuts

Gently drop three donuts at a time into the hot frying oil. The donuts will float on the surface of the oil. Cook them for 1 minute to a light golden brown color, then use a slotted spoon or a spatula to flip them over.

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

Cook the other side of the donut for 1 more minute.

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

When the color is even on both sides, use your slotted spoon or spatula to lift them out of the oil, and place them on a layered paper towel.

For the Donut Holes

If you're making donut holes, they can be difficult to keep on one side while frying. Keep a close eye on their color and flip them as needed with your spoon or spatula.

Step 4: Toss in Cinnamon Sugar

When the donuts are cool enough to touch, toss them in cinnamon sugar mixture, or just plain sugar if that's what you like.

Images by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

If you've never fried donuts before, I highly recommend you try this recipe. Donuts are one of my favorite treats to make; Dropping them in oil and watching them rise and turn golden before your eyes is extremely fun!

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

These doughnuts are dangerously delicious. Now, with a tube of biscuit dough and 20 spare minutes, you can reach doughnut heaven.

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