How To: Use Mason Jars with a Blender

Use Mason Jars with a Blender

A mason jar is a great way to preserve your food, but did you know that you could use a mason jar with a blender?

Make blended items that can be stored by using a mason jar with your blender.

Step 1: Remove the base of the blender

Remove the base from the blender's pitcher – the threaded base, the gasket, and the blade.

Step 2: Fill jar

Put whatever you want to blend or process into the mason or mayonnaise jar.

TIP: Always use a glass jar.

Step 3: Screw jar to base

Screw the jar to the base of the blender's pitcher, including the gasket and blade, making sure it fits tightly.

TIP: When you screw on the base, the blades should have at least ¼-inch clearance on all sides.

Step 4: Place jar on motor assembly

Place the jar on the blender motor assembly as you would the blender pitcher.

TIP: Use your blender and the mason jar to grind spices or coffee, to whip cream, or to make single serving drinks. When you are done, place a lid on the jar to store the contents.

Step 5: Turn on blender

Turn on the blender or pulse the blades until the food inside the jar is at the desired consistency.

Step 6: Remove jar and then blade

Remove the jar, turn it upright, and remove the blade assembly. Enjoy this efficient new tool for your kitchen.

Did you know? Mason jars were originally developed to withstand the high temperatures necessary for processing pickles.

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