News: This Can Will Keep Your Opened Wine Fresh for Weeks

This Can Will Keep Your Opened Wine Fresh for Weeks

Ideally, wine would stay as perfect and delicious as the day it was first uncorked forever. But, thanks to a pesky process called oxidation, re-corked wine (no matter how you do it) pales in comparison to a fresh's bottles original magic.

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Science has thankfully come to the rescue in the form of the Private Preserve Wine Preserver. This spray creates an invisible barrier of gases between your wine and oxygen in the air, which ruins its flavor. While the can feels empty, it actually has over 120 uses per 750 mL bottle—which, at the current price of $9.75 on Amazon, comes out to a little over $0.08 per use!

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While other gas preservers use pure argon, Private Preserve's owner Scott Farmer explained to The Sweet Home why he chose to go with a mix of gases that also includes nitrogen and carbon dioxide:

"Nitrogen bonds with oxygen, thus naturally taking out the oxidation potential, but it still can have a slight dulling effect on some wines. Carbon dioxide dissolves into wine… using too much causes a slight carbonic acidification of still wine. Argon adds an additional layer of defense against oxygen, which in a high concentration can add a metallic character."

So in other words: argon is heavier than oxygen, which creates the 'invisible barrier,' over the wine, while the nitrogen chemically neutralizes the ability of the oxygen already in the bottle to sour the wine. Private Preserve says this blend of three gases best preserves the flavor and mouthfeel of the original wine itself.

Wine Enthusiast features a review and quick tutorial on Private Preserve that shows just how easy it is to use. Just give one long spritz and three short bursts of gas into the bottle using the canister's attached straw, and immediately close with an airtight rubber stopper:

This preserver can also be used to preserve any other foods or drinks that experience oxidation, including liquors, vinegars, or oils, which can grow stale.

Lastly, for those of you worried about spraying stuff into your wine, this product is FDA-approved and its gases are medical-grade and non-volatile.

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Whether saving leftovers after hosting a party or simply enjoying a glass on a night in, you no longer have to worry about compromising the flavor of your wine... all thanks to science. (And Private Preserve, of course.)

Reviews on Amazon have stated that white wines can be stored for weeks, or even up to a month, using this product, while reds usually last for up to a week before degrading the taste.

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