Food Tool Friday: These Spill-Proof Drinking Glasses Will Rock Your World

These Spill-Proof Drinking Glasses Will Rock Your World

What's not to love about a glass of wine? It tastes delicious. It takes the edge off your day. It helps you and your guests unwind and lets the conversation flow. All in all, it's a beautiful thing. What's not so beautiful is having someone knock over a giant glass of red and leave an indelible stain on your carpets or furniture.

Enter the Saturn wine glass. According to the creators at Superduper Studio, they used a variation of a traditional Italian glassblowing technique that makes the glasses surprisingly light and stable, even when filled with liquid and knocked akimbo. Check out the video below.

The glasses are handblown and rumored to be very sturdy. Food and Wine points out that not only are these glasses great for preventing spills, but they can take care of aereation, too.

Be warned, though: these babies cost $52 per glass. If you've got that kind of scratch, more power to you. If, however, you're on a budget, you might want to check out these Sempli wine glasses at $25 a pop, which have a similar tilt and rotation effect as the Saturn wine glass (although they don't purport to be spill-proof). Hey, there's a matching decanter, too.

Image via Sempli

Truthfully, these Sagaform rocking whiskey glasses are the ones I'm most likely to buy until my Lotto-winning dreams come true. At $24.95 for six glasses, they're a bargain and they're designed to stay upright, too.

I plan on using mine with wine, which probably violates all kinds of drinking rules, but I'm willing to take that chance (especially if it leaves my rugs stain-free).

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