News: Life-Size Gummy Chicken Might Be the Creepiest Jelly Candy Yet

Life-Size Gummy Chicken Might Be the Creepiest Jelly Candy Yet

We've seen many things get gummy-ized over the years—worms, insects, Coke bottles, glass cleaner, Legos, brains, Nutella, and even tiny LEDs—but nothing compares to YouTuber and WonderHowTo favorite Grant Thompson, aka The King of Random, who made one helluva creepy gummy chicken that's just as big as the real deal.

The first step of this process was creating a mold of a rotisserie chicken out of food-grade casting silicone. Once the mold was set, Grant cracked it open using zigzag cuts so it would seal back together more easily in his homemade acrylic enclosure. (The chicken, thankfully, was still perfectly edible.)

Grant then poured the gummy syrup (the recipe is similar to his Lego gummies, only bigger) into the hole in his mold and popped the whole thing into the fridge to set for 12-24 hours. After the bird had time to fully set, he carefully pulled apart the silicone to extract the finished product.

Image by The King of Random/YouTube

Because the mold was so detailed, extra care was needed around smaller elements such as the wing tips.

Image by The King of Random/YouTube

That's all you need to do to create a gummy chicken. I don't exactly know why you'd want to do this, but it is possible. As he mentioned in the video, this mold can also be used to create a super realistic chocolate chicken if that's more your style.

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Cover photo by The King of Random/YouTube

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