Ostrich Eggs: The Secret Ingredient for the "Steak & Egger" Sandwich

The Secret Ingredient for the "Steak & Egger" Sandwich

So, what has Arnold Schwarzenegger been up to since his role as the Governator? Besides his resurgence in Hollywood and spooking gym members as Howard Kleiner, he's getting culinary on us.

In a recent episode of Epic Meal Time (the creators of the TurBaconEpic and Turbaconepicentipede), Arnie shows how to make the "Steak & Egger" sandwich, a completely ridiculous protein-fill breakfast of 72,583 calories and 4,172 grams of fat.

This sandwich is just as heart-attack-inducing as EMT's normal fare, but the highlight of this special is the ostrich egg.

Those suckers can cost up to $30 each, weigh over 3 pounds, and equal the equivalent of around 20 chicken eggs.

The ostrich yolk is the world's biggest cell, and it takes a freakin' Dremel to crack open the eggshell.

If you're not much for the "Steak & Egger" sandwich, you can also just take your ostrich eggs hard-boiled, though it takes a whopping 90 minutes to cook. Or, use the leftover shell as your next art project.

Has anyone actually tried these suckers out? Do they taste like any other egg, or are they as bland as I hear?

Egg carving image via Konstantinnet/Instructables, colored egg via Cape Town Daily Photo

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I seen that epic mealtime thing im a subscriber to their channel. that was a cool fact to kno thou

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