News: These Marshmallow Flowers Actually Bloom in Hot Chocolate

These Marshmallow Flowers Actually Bloom in Hot Chocolate

If we learned anything from Mulan, it's that "the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all." Well, these have been a trying couple of weeks in the US, hence the need for a blooming marshmallow flower.

Dominique Ansel, the man responsible for cronuts and cookie shots, is back with this year's hottest dessert trend. It was unveiled in his Tokyo shop first, and has now moved to the bakery's outposts in London and New York.

The petals of this marshmallow flower are held up by a thin ring of white chocolate, which melts due to the heat from the hot chocolate, thus allows the petals to fall and "bloom." While the process of getting these flowers to open is impressive in its own right, the addition of a truffle in the center to give this budding flower a bit more detail is simply unbelievable.

Having once waited in line for almost two hours for a cronut, I think I'm qualified to say that Dominique Ansel has some pretty amazing pastries. His attention to detail and innovation are unparalleled, and I can't wait to spend however long it takes in line at the SoHo store to get one of these hot chocolate delicacies.

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I want to know how to make them. Did he patent the idea??

Whoa, it looks both delicious and beautiful! <3

I would love to know how! I have a friend who is in pain alot and this would make her smile!

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