Weird Ingredient Wednesday: This Swedish Fish Will Blow Your Mind

This Swedish Fish Will Blow Your Mind

We're big champions of exotic and surprising ingredients, but we'd be the first to admit that they're not necessarily for everyone, especially people with timid palates.

After all, Marmite (a yeast extract spread) is beloved by chefs for its umami-amping abilities, but its strong, pungent taste isn't for everyone. Durian, the so-called king of all fruits was once described by a friend of mine as tasting like a rotting shoe. And let's not forget fugu, which isn't exactly flavor-packed, but which is poisonous if it isn't prepared with exacting care.

However, we think we've found an exotic delicacy from Sweden that will suit just about everyone's taste. Check out the video below. We'll wait over here 'til you're done.

Oh... and by the way: Happy April Fool's Day!

(P.S. While surströmming is absolutely real, and one of Sweden's most notoriously smelly delicacies, it's definitely not for everyone.)

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There's a great big world out there filled with exotic ingredients, from the mushroom that tastes like maple syrup, long-fermented black garlic, and finger limes, the citrus of caviar.

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Cover image via luisete/Flickr

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