How To: 11 Heart-Shaped Foods to Make on Valentine's Day for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

11 Heart-Shaped Foods to Make on Valentine's Day for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

Starting towards the end of January, all you see is pink and red hearts for a few weeks every year, and food is no exception. Heart-shaped cookies, candies, and cupcakes are everywhere, but it doesn't stop there—you can find heart-shaped food for every meal of the day.

If you really want to show your valentine you care, try out one of these 11 heart-shaped dishes for Valentine's Day, from breakfast to dinner, so you can eat love food all day long. And then, of course, there's dessert.

#1. Heart-Shaped Boiled Eggs

You can make hard-boiled eggs heart-shaped with a chopstick and two rubber bands. Check out Yumi's illustrated guide for instructions, or watch Hax's video tutorial here on WonderHowTo.

Image by Dave Hax/Food Hacks Daily

#2. Heart-Shaped Bacon

Why stop at eggs when you can make your whole breakfast heart-shaped? Cut bacon slices in half and form them into hearts, then bake in the oven so they keep their shape. Instructions can be found on The Paper Mama.

Images via The Paper Mama

#3. Heart-Shaped Egg in the Basket

Turn a regular breakfast sandwich into a festive Valentine's Day breakfast by cutting a heart out of one piece of bread and cooking an egg in the middle. You can find the full instructions on Reclaiming Provincial. For a more gourmet Downton Abbey-style twist, try out truffled eggs on toast, and just shape the hole as a heart.

Image by Carey/Reclaiming Provincial

#4. Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Make heart-shaped pancakes by putting a cookie cutter in the skillet before pouring in your batter. If you don't have a cookie cutter, you can use a squeeze bottle or pastry bag to "draw" the outline of a heart in batter and fill it in.

Image by Gina Homolka/Skinny Taste

#5. Heart-Shaped Grilled Cheese

Use cookie cutters or a knife to cut heart shapes out of your sandwich bread. Assemble and cook your grilled cheese like usual and serve with tomato soup on the side for a quick Valentine's Day lunch.

Image via Make Myself at Home

#7. Heart-Shaped Pizza

Shape your favorite pizza dough into a heart by forming a circle and cutting a triangle out of the top, then attaching it at the bottom to make the tip of the heart. If you have a small enough cookie cutter, you can go all-out with heart-shaped pepperonis, too.

Image by Adam Kuban/Serious Eats

#8. Heart-Shaped Roasted Potatoes

Cut potatoes into thick slices and use a cookie cutter to cut them into heart shapes for a cute side dish.

Image by Hani Bacova/Haniela's

#9. Heart-Shaped Whisky Sriracha Candies

If you want a break from chocolate, try these whisky Sriracha hard candies. The ingredients are super simple and they make a great gift for anyone who likes a little spice.

Image by Erin/Olives for Dinner

#10. Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

Make your cupcakes heart-shaped by placing a ball of foil between the liner and the pan. Check out the full tutorial by Hax for instructions.

Image by Dave Hax/WonderHowTo

#11. Heart-Shaped Lingerie Cookies

Only during Valentine's Day do you find cookies wearing lingerie. Heart-shaped cookies are the perfect shape to draw on bras and panties, but they do require some frosting skills.

Image via How Does She?

Do you have a signature heart-shaped Valentine's Day dish? Share with us in the comments.

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