Browning Prevention: This Food Hack Keeps Sliced Fruits & Veggies Fresh & Bright for a Full Day

This Food Hack Keeps Sliced Fruits & Veggies Fresh & Bright for a Full Day

Prepping fruits and vegetables ahead of time makes putting together the final dish a lot easier, but once you cut them up, they start to turn brown almost instantly. However, thanks to this quick and easy tip from America's Test Kitchen, you can keep them looking fresh for much, much longer.

All You Need Is Some Honey and Water

Most cooks would tell you to try using lemon water instead, but dunking fruits and veggies in honey water for 30 seconds prevents them from browning for a lot longer—as long as 8 hours. Dunk them for a couple minutes and they could last a whole day!

The reason this trick works is because a peptide compound found in honey prevents the enzyme polyphenol oxidase from converting phenolic compounds into dark pigments.

How to Make Your Honey Water Mix

Just dilute 2 tablespoons of honey in one cup of water and give your fruits or vegetables a quick dip. It's as simple as that.

If you're not a fan of honey (or just don't have any at home), you can still use the lemon juice method to prevent immediate browning, or just a very weak saltwater solution instead.

Know of any other tips for preventing fruits and veggies from browning? Let us know in the comments below.

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