How To: Easily Peel Garlic Using the Twist & Snap Method

Easily Peel Garlic Using the Twist & Snap Method

Peeling garlic is one kitchen task that every cook, from the newbie to the experienced, is always trying to make easier. Methods vary, from shaking heads of garlic inside a container to using the microwave to help peels slide right off.

I love all these techniques, which work pretty well when peeling garlic cloves in bulk, but sometimes I only need to prep one or two cloves, and that's when I rely on this technique, the ol' twist-and-snap. See for yourself:

It's extremely satisfying to hear the crackle of crisp garlic peels and then slide them off the cloves.

For those who don't like getting handsy with their food, never fear: you can use ye olde garlic press (which I personally avoid because I hate cleaning them, but I know many cooks swear by the device). There's also this tube of rubber-like magic; you just roll your cloves around in this guy and the peels fly off.

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There are easy tricks to stopping minced garlic from sticking to your knife and mincing a clove without dirtying a cutting board. As far as eating goes, see how to maximize chopped garlic's health benefits, and find out about all the varieties of garlic out there, including wonderful, delicious black garlic.

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Cover image via johnpaulgoguen/Flickr, video by Marion Dunham

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I just give it a good pop with my knife and that does the trick, but I like this more delicate approach too!

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