How To: Hate Peeling Garlic Cloves? This Trick Will Make Those Skins Slide Right Off

Hate Peeling Garlic Cloves? This Trick Will Make Those Skins Slide Right Off

I love to cook. There are few things more relaxing for me than spending an afternoon in the kitchen, and one ingredient that I throw into just about everything (seriously, everything) is garlic. It can instantly add a whole new level of flavor to a dish, and there's not much that it doesn't go with.

The only downside? Peeling it can take forever. It's such a universally hated task that there are tons of methods out there to do it quicker and easier. From smashing it with the side of a knife to shaking it between two bowls, people have come up with some pretty creative tricks. Oh, and there's also this:

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Really? Is the packaging even worth it?

Before you go and spend five times the price for already-peeled cloves, try this tip from the folks over at CHOW—just throw the whole bulb in the microwave on high for about twenty seconds. When you take it out, the peel should come right off.

Don't have a microwave? No problem. Just blanch the cloves in boiling water for 20 to 40 seconds, then immediately throw them in some cold water to stop them from cooking and take off the skins.

Want more tips on peeling annoying fruits and vegetables? Check out this article to save yourself a few minutes next time you're slaving away in the kitchen.

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Or... Just smash it with the cutting knife before you chop it... time it takes? Two seconds. I mean, how often do you want the entire clove? Typically you chop it up anyways.

Ridiculous piece. Does the writer really not know that the taste of garlic is changed entirely by the way it is heated? And crushing before pealing takes about one second.

I have done the microwave method and agree it changes the garlic. A much better alternative is to take two METAL mixing bowls, place the cloves in on, cover with the other and shake vigorously. The skins come off and you pick out the bare cloves. Easy to do, easy to freeze or store in oil. I grow a LOT of garlic and this helps me extend the storage.

Definitely cooks the garlic, cloves explode and doesn't peel easily at all.

For all this pissing around, just peel it. I don't find it that difficult at all.

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