How To: This Hack Lets You Cook Everybody's Omelets at the Same Time

This Hack Lets You Cook Everybody's Omelets at the Same Time

If you spend weekend mornings sadly turning your omelet attempts into scrambled eggs rather than enjoying a perfectly flipped omelet, reach for a resealable plastic bag. Using a ziplock bag to make an omelet is not only foolproof, it's the perfect solution to cooking for a crowd, where you can make everyone's customized omelets at the same time. How cool is that?!

To see how to stuff, roll, and boil your way to effortless omelets, watch the video from Allrecipes below, or skip down for the step-by-step directions.

Get started by placing a resealable plastic bag inside a measuring cup and folding the mouth of the bag outwards so it hangs over the edges of the cup. Crack two eggs into the bag.

Image by Allrecipes/YouTube

Take the plastic bag out of its cup, lay it flat, and gently press out all of the air as you seal the top.

Image by Allrecipes/YouTube

Next, "beat" the eggs by grabbing and squeezing them through the bag.

Image by Allrecipes/YouTube

Once you've created the perfectly blended consistency, place the egg-filled bag back inside your measuring cup and open it once again. Now you can add in anything you'd like—cheese, vegetables, meats—whatever suits your omelet fancy.

Image by Allrecipes/YouTube

Reseal the bag, pressing out the air once again as you do, and start squishing to blend all of the ingredients together. As you squish, keep the mixture all at the bottom of the bag, and roll the excess bag around it. Rolling the bag is the step that keeps your omelet together; it serves as a simple mold for the eggs and their added contents, holding it in a tight roll as everything cooks.

Make as many of these as you have mouths to feed for breakfast.

Images by Allrecipes/YouTube

Now you're ready to cook. Bring a pot of water to a boil—the more omelets you plan to cook, the bigger your pot should be—and drop in your bagged omelets. Cook them for 13 minutes, then remove them from the pot. Open the plastic bags, and slide your omelets right onto their plates. Couldn't be easier, right?

Images by Allrecipes/YouTube

Worried that this omelet technique will come with a side of BPA leeching into your eggs? Don't panic—your resealable plastic bags aren't as dangerous as you might think. Although BPA is often found in plastic products and is released at high temperatures, companies have made efforts to ensure no BPA is found in your disposable storage bags. According to both SC Johnson, the maker of Ziploc bags, and Glad, no BPA is present in any of the companies' resealable plastic bags.

So now you can make your easy omelet, and your mind can rest easy, too.

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Cover image by Allrecipes/YouTube

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