How To: 10 Must-Know Egg Hacks You've Gotta Try for Yourself

10 Must-Know Egg Hacks You've Gotta Try for Yourself

Eggs are a staple food for most Americans, which is no surprise, considering how necessary they are in savory and sweet recipes alike. On their own, they're usually not too eggs-citing. However, these clever egg hacks will make your egg-making easier, more fun, and more interesting.

1. Make Heart-Shaped Eggs for Your Loved Ones

You can make these easy heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs easily with some cardboard, rubber bands, and a chopstick. Watch the video from Dav Hax below, or check out Yumi's illustrated guide for instructions.

2. Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs with a Glass of Water

Who knew you could peel hard-boiled eggs perfectly in a glass of water? It's quick, clean, and easy. And you can do it with more than one egg!

3. Separate Egg Yolks with a Water Bottle

One of the easiest, simplest ways to separate yolks from egg whites for recipes such as microwave meringues is using the water bottle method. Gently squeeze an empty plastic bottle, place its mouth on top of the yolk(s), and then slightly releasing your grip so that the yolk(s) gets sucked up inside the empty bottle. Click here for more info on this method.

4. Make a Cute "Mushroom" Salad with Hard-Boiled Eggs & Tomatoes

All you need to make a woodland-themed salad are some greens, hard-boiled eggs, Roma tomatoes, and mayonnaise, plus your favorite dressing on the side.

  1. Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half, and cut a thin slice from the bottom of the rounded ends so that the tomato halves can balance.
  2. Cut the Roma tomatoes in half, and place them on top of the eggs.
  1. Using a toothpick or chopstick, make dots on the tomato mushroom top with the mayonnaise.
  2. Place your "mushrooms" on a bed of kale or other greens. Serve dressing separately and let your guests enjoy!

5. Bake Cake in Eggshells for a Pretty Surprise Treat

Perfect for Easter, tea parties, or even April Fool's Day, it's actually easy to make cake in eggshells by piping cake batter into emptied eggshells. Get the full tutorial here.

6. Make Scrambled Eggs Without Ever Cracking an Eggshell

This awesome trick scrambles eggs inside the shell, and just requires eggs and stockings. You place the egg inside the stocking, twist both ends tightly many times, and then pull the ends out so that the egg spins before you boil them. The complete how-to is available here.

Image by Ben/NightHawkInLight

7. Do the Float Test to See if Your Eggs Are Still Good

An easy way to see if your eggs are good is to float them in a bowl of water. If they rise to the top, they're old—don't eat them. More info on this and other methods (including getting the Julian date) to see if your eggs are truly expired is right here.

Image by Yumi Sakugawa/WonderHowTo

8. Fry Eggs in Vegetables for a Pretty Plate

Use colorful sliced peppers and sliced onion rings to shape and flavor your fried eggs. Frying your eggs inside the veggies also make a healthier, prettier breakfast. Avocados and mushrooms are also nice options. Read more about it here.

Image via Stovetop Stories and Apron Strings

9. Make a Huge Batch of Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Oven

You can make a lot of hard-boiled eggs at once in your oven. Nestle the eggs on a wet towel on your oven rack and bake for 30 minutes at 320°F. Get the full how-to here.

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks

10. Make Waffled Eggs

Use your waffle iron with the lid up to create cool-looking square eggs, or go lid down for quick and easy scrambled eggs. You can find instructions, as well as more cool waffle iron hacks, right here.

Image via Danika LoCicero and The Novice Chef

Not Enough Egg Hacks for You?

Then try some of these on for size.

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Photos by Naomi Imatome-Yun/Food Hacks (unless otherwise noted)

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