How To: 5 Lightning-Fast Tricks for Peeling Annoying Fruits and Vegetables

5 Lightning-Fast Tricks for Peeling Annoying Fruits and Vegetables

I think part of the reason why I don't eat more vegetables or fruits is because there's always a process—a simple one, but a process nonetheless. Having to wash my fruits and veggies is just flat out annoying. I just want to eat them, not take a shower with them.

In addition to rinsing, sometimes you have to peel, cut, or boil just to make them edible. Peeling an orange is definitely a nuisance, and skinning a potato or yam can be even more frustrating.

But, I have found a few ways to make these minor annoyances in the kitchen a lot more convenient...

The Trick to Peeling Potatoes Faster

Peeling potatoes can take some time, but with this tip you can peel a ton of potatoes in seconds. All you need to do is boil the potatoes as usual, then immediately after boiling place them in ice water for 5-10 seconds. When you remove them, the skins will be so soft you can peel them off with your bare hands.

This should also work for yams and similar foods.

The Trick to Peeling Oranges Easier

Bu utilizing a knife and spoon, you can make your orange peeling much easier. Just make a small cut with the knife, then use the spoon to pull off all the skin in a few large pieces.

The best thing about this? No orange peel under your fingernails.

The Trick to Peeling a Banana Like a Monkey

I've broken my fair share of bananas in half trying to peel them. Turns out, we've all been doing it wrong. This is a trick we learned from our primate friends.

It makes sense that monkeys would know how to open a banana better than we do.

The Trick to Blowing Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are one of my favorite things to eat, so finding this video made my day. The key to this trick is actually baking soda. The process is similar to that of the potato, but you can actually blow the egg shell right off, all in one piece.

For an illustrated guide, check out this post from Yumi.

The Trick to Peeling Garlic Better

Garlic is another vegetable that can be a total pain to peel. With this tip, you can do it in seconds and even take out some of your frustration while you're at it. Awesome!

Do you know of any other tips and tricks to make peeling fruits and veggies easier? Share them with us in the comments below or submit your own how-to!

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