How To: Make Any Cutting Board Non-Slip with This Easy Hack

Make Any Cutting Board Non-Slip with This Easy Hack

Between sharp knives and slippery produce, basic meal prep can be an absolute massacre. Even the most professional knife-wielders don't stand a chance if they're working on unstable surfaces.

This tip is the very first thing I learned at culinary school, and it's five seconds that will make chopping a thousand times easier (that's a scientific calculation, of course).

Spray a small area of your countertop or prep surface with cleaning spray. Place two paper towels on top of the sprayed area and spray them (the towels), too. Put your cutting board on top of the paper towels and firmly press down. The damp paper towels act as a glue, completely stabilizing your board and allowing it to stand up to anything—from wayward cherry tomatoes to raw chicken.

Then, when you've finished chopping and are ready to clean down, remove the cutting board to reveal the sprayed paper towels. You're instantly ready to wipe down the surface!

Pro Tip

If you prefer to keep the cleaning as a separate step, you can dampen your paper towels with tap water. It will have the same magical effect when you begin chopping!

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