Open on Thanksgiving: Where to Eat if You Don't Want to Cook

Where to Eat if You Don't Want to Cook

Who says you have to cook on Thanksgiving? If you need a break, have surprise guests in town, or simply don't want to be in the kitchen cooking all day long, never fear: you have options.

Plenty of places large and small will make a meal for you and your loved ones this year. Just remember to get on the stick and call now—Turkey Day looms ever closer!

What's Open Thanksgiving Day

Many chain restaurants will be open nationwide on Thanksgiving. Some chains will only have certain locations open for the holiday. It's a good idea to call ahead to your nearest location and make reservations as quickly as possible.

You can check out list from Restaurant News for more information on regional and national chains that are open for business on Thanksgiving.

Check These Sites for Local Restaurants

Many upscale restaurants offer a full Thanksgiving Day menu. Check out this link at Open Table and enter your location along with the date and time you want to eat. It will bring up a list of restaurants that still have reservations available.

You can also check out Open for Thanksgiving to search for a particular restaurant or business that's open on the holiday.

Hotels Offer Thanksgiving Meals, Too

Hotels never take a holiday and have staff working even on the big ones: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. Swanky places like W Hotels tend to serve very nice Thanksgiving Day dinners, but they book well in advance. However, there's no harm in calling to see if they have a last-minute opening. Keep in mind that it varies by location: some restauarants will be open, so be sure to call ahead.

Most big chains like the Hilton, Radisson, or Westin will offer a Thanksgiving Day buffet or serve a prix fixe menu in their restaurants. However, customer service reps with all three hotels say that Thanksgiving Day restaurant service varies with each location. They recommend that you call your nearest location and check to see what's available.

And if you decide at the last minute to whip up your very own meal instead, be sure to check out all the great tips and tricks on making a great Thanksgiving Day feast.

Easy Thanksgiving Day Hacks:

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