Shake It Up: How to Peel Eggs with a Glass of Water

How to Peel Eggs with a Glass of Water

Hard-boiled eggs are such an amazing snack, but there's nothing quite so frustrating as trying to get all the shell off without damaging the egg underneath. I've ended up with many a sadly pitted and pockmarked egg that somehow doesn't taste quite as good as when it emerges all white and smooth.

Now, there are ways to hard-boil your eggs so they emerge intact from the shell. Otherwise, all you need is a glass of water to make sure you get your egg out in one piece. Watch the magic below from MicahMedia (via Lifehacker). The concept is actually pretty similar to peeling a bulb of garlic in a closed container.

If you tend to cook eggs in batches, then you need to watch MicahMedia's followup video, which shows you how to peel TWO hard-boiled eggs at the same time.

What's your favorite way to peel an egg?

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Eggs are a staple food, and for good reason. So shouldn't you learn even more ways to peel hard-boiled eggs? What about making perfectly poached eggs, every time? You can also learn how to separate eggs using a water bottle as well as scramble and hard-boil an egg without cracking the shell. Before you start cooking, though, you should figure out whether expired eggs are still good to eat.

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I've been putting a small amount of baking soda in the boiling water at the end of cooking . it works fair. going to try this in the morning.

It works!! Fricken magic!

How much water in the glass?

Obviously does not work. What a mess

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