How To: The Squeaky Clean Trick to Eating an Orange Without Getting Your Fingers All Sticky

The Squeaky Clean Trick to Eating an Orange Without Getting Your Fingers All Sticky

As a kid, there was nothing more fulfilling than sinking my teeth deep into the succulent flesh of an orange, savoring every drop of juice that wasn't busy sliding down your chin and onto your clothes.

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While my adulation for oranges never ceased as I grew older, the way I consumed the precious fruit did evolve with my maturity. Gone were the days of messy eating, and here I was now, peeling my oranges as a teenager, taking my precious time in separating each individual slice for a clean and tidy meal.

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Now that things run at a much quicker pace in my life, I hardly have time to peel an entire orange and take each slice apart. Sure, I could revert back to my prepubescent stage and just dig my fangs into an orange, but that's just way too messy.

If only there was a quick and easy way to eat an orange, minus all the mess...

There Is!

And it's called eating an orange—Florida Orange Style—which is what April from The Hipster Home blog calls it.

To start, you'll need an orange and a knife. After you've scrubbed the orange clean, you'll want to use your knife and make a cone shaped incision at the top of the orange

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Once you cut a hole at the top of the orange, you can once again use the knife to cut inside the orange, without poking through the skin. This will allow you to maximize the juices inside of the orange. From there, you can proceed to put the orange up to your mouth and simply suck the juice out.

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If sucking an orange is not your thing, you can also stick a straw into the top of the orange and drink the juice in that manner. You might get a little pith taste if you go all orange-sucker on it.

Once you drink all the juice, your treat is not yet done! You can now take it apart easily, and eat the inside of the orange without all of the drip of the juice, if you'd like.

Now you can eat your orange on the go, in a non-messy way.

Want another mess-less food tip? Try eating Cheetos, chips, and chocolate with chopsticks.

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Love this! Thank you so much!!!!

I have to comment here. As a kid my favourite way to eat an orange was exactly as you describe it but on one occasion I found a worm in it after opening it. Never did it again and in fact I cut ALL my fruit open first from then on. Lol

Wouldn't "drinking" be a more appropriate term?

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