Super Bowl Snacks: Gatorade-Infused Treats for Game Day

Gatorade-Infused Treats for Game Day

Gatorade and football go hand in hand, from player endorsements to the traditional Gatorade shower that coaches get at each Super Bowl. So, get in the game-day spirit with these Gatorade-infused drinks, desserts, and snacks. The good thing about Gatorade is that it comes in every color of the rainbow—so feel free to make these in your favorite team's colors.

You're probably not exercising if you're enjoying yourself at a Super Bowl party, but hopefully the added electrolytes and energy you'll get from these treats will help to counteract your beer and salt consumption.

#1. Lemon-Lime Gatorade Pudding Pie

Lemon pudding pie is as American as football, and this bright pie is nice and tart. The Gatorade flavor adds a bit of football flair to the dessert, but it's not overwhelming.


Instructions: Bring all ingredients except Gatorade to a full boil over medium heat. Turn off heat, stir, and then add Gatorade. Stir for about one minute. Remove from heat and let pudding become firm, stirring so that there are no lumps. Pour into pie crust and let set until firm.

#2. Gatorade Frosting for Cakes & Cupcakes

This lemon-lime frosting is sweet and a little tart, and you can use it for cakes, cupcakes, or anything else you want to flavor up. You can also use different Gatorade flavors and colors to go with your favorite team. Adapted from an ingenious recipe by Cakeremix.


  • ½ cup butter
  • 6 tbsp Gatorade
  • 3 cups powdered sugar

Instructions: In a large mixing bowl, beat butter and Gatorade together. Add in sugar slowly and mix on a high speed until it reaches frosting consistency.

#3. Gatorade Jello Squares

These Jello squares are pretty and you can make them with any color Gatorade to show off your team colors.

Image via Cookies and Cups

For a grown-up version of Jello squares, you can also make Gatorade Jello shots. Just like the Jello squares, you can easily make a batch of these in advance with only about five minutes of hands-on time.

#4. Layered Gatorade Cocktail

These gorgeous cocktails (or mocktails) can be made with any variation of alcohol, Gatorade, and juice. Clear alcohol like vodka or gin is good because they can be added at any point in the process.

Image via The Fashion Foot

When creating layered drinks, always remember that the liquids with the highest amount of sugar should be poured into the glass first. The liquids with the most sugar will have the highest density, so they will sink to the bottom of the glass. So if your team colors are red, white, and blue, then you'd add blue Gatorade to the bottom, then add some cranberry juice (or low-sugar red Gatorade), and then finish with vodka or seltzer to the top of the glass.

If pretty cocktails aren't your thing, then you can always whip up an "Angry Granny," which is three parts Gatorade to one part whiskey. Serve over ice in a highball glass.

#5. Gatorade Ice Pops

Cool off your superfans with these colorful striped pops. Again, you can make them in your team colors by pouring in one layer at a time, freezing until they're semi-solid, and then adding the next layer. Repeat until you have all the layers you want.

Image via The View from Great Island

You can also make these in just one color with Dixie cups (if you don't have an ice pop maker handy).

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