News: 13 Delicious Egg-in-the-Hole Remixes You Gotta Try

13 Delicious Egg-in-the-Hole Remixes You Gotta Try

Okay, so you've read our guide on how to make the perfect poached egg. Maybe you've also read our tutorials on making great hard-boiled eggs and even scrambled hard-boiled eggs. Now comes the question: what's next?

Well, it's time to look at what accompanies the egg. You can't always eat it on an English muffin or toast. That can get pretty stale after a while (pun intended). Why not get innovative and figure out new ways to serve up eggs—ones in their own edible containers?

#1. Egg in the Hole

This dish always makes people smile. Here's a classic take on it:

Some people call this dish "sunshine toast" or "egg in the basket.". Image via Happy Home Baking

There's also this adorable version, for someone you love:

Definitely serve this with baked beans for that British flavor! Image via Pinch of Glamor

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can use heart-shaped silicone molds to make this egg-and-bacon version:

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this for any holiday, birthday, or anniversary? Image via E Is for Eat

Or skip the meat and make a grilled cheese egg in the hole:

A healthier version with flax bread, cheese, and arugula. Image via Kitchen Tested

Or use a waffle instead:

Syrup is not necessary for this waffle, but why would you not use it?!? Image via Van's Natural Foods

#2. Cook Eggs in Polenta

Want to serve your eggs for breakfast or dinner? Then go the more sophisticated route and put them in a dish of polenta:

The sausage is a very nice extra touch. Image via In the Devil's Kitchen

This version with fontina cheese is fit for royalty:

Tomatoes and green onions make this version perfect for a light dinner. Image via Food Network

#3. Put 'Em in a Tomato

But if you're looking for a more portable, on-the-go egg, you should try cooking them in a roast tomato:

If you're worried the tomatoes won't stand up, use a muffin tin or ramekins to provide structure. Image via bstbites

Even if they're hard-boiled eggs:

Stuffing a hard-boiled egg into a tomato makes hard-boiled egg more interesting. Image via Snacking Squirrel

#4. Why Not Tomato Sauce?

You could also enjoy a favorite breakfast from the Middle East and North Africa, shakshuka, and cook your eggs in a bubbling skillet of spicy tomato sauce, greens, cheese, and chilis:

This version includes feta cheese and eggs that are cooked until set, but not super-firm. Image by Andrew Scrivani/New York Times

#5. Or a Potato

But if you need to rush out the door, an edible container, like a potato, is probably your best bet:

Cheese, green onions, bacon, and one whole egg: this takes the loaded potato skin to another level. Image via Our Best Bites

#6. Try a Sweet Potato

If you're really trying to eat nutrient-dense foods, you can swap out that russet potato for a sweet potato:

Shredded sweet potatoes are cooked into cup shapes to make these containers. Image via Pure Grace Farms

#7. Go for the Gusto: Cook an Egg in an Avocado

Then again, an avocado is both healthy and colorful:

Tomato and oregano give this dish a nice finishing touch. Image via Willy B Mum

#8. Or a Bell Pepper

But if you really want to go for color, bell peppers can't be beat:

The flatbread underneath the bell pepper ring is a nice touch: it'll soak up the egg yolk. Image via Stovetop Stories

#8. Or an Onion

If you're not a fan of peppers, onions may be more your style:

They look perfect, don't they? Image via Apron Strings

#10. Even Mushrooms Work

If the mushroom is big enough to fit the egg, it'll work:

These are made with portobello mushroom caps, prosciutto, parsley, thyme, and pepper. Image via Paleo Spirit

#11. Give It a Fruity Taste

If you want a more citrusy taste, try an orange on for size:

#12. Cut to the Chase & Cook Eggs Wrapped in Bacon

I mean, who are we kidding here? This is really the best of both worlds:

Although these bacon egg muffin cups look complicated, they're actually very easy to make. Image via Daily Dish Recipes

#13. Ham It Up

You can always pay tribute to Dr. Seuss and make green eggs and ham cups:

You could also use Canadian bacon instead of ham if you want to be a rabble-rouser. Image via Our Best Bites

What's your favorite way to cook eggs?

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Cover image (bell pepper eggs) via Skinny Taste

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