News: Everyone Wants a Slinky, Especially This Chocolate One You Can Eat

Everyone Wants a Slinky, Especially This Chocolate One You Can Eat

The winter holidays are right around the corner and that can only mean one thing—dessert. Leave it to the French pastry chefs to come up with something totally unique, like this glittery, chocolate Slinky by Amaury Guichon of Jean Philippe Patisserie inside the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

This springy snack is made using a lathe, which is usually used for woodturning and metalworking. The chocolate is piped onto the spinning metal rod, then gets hit with a coat of food dye and edible sparkles. After it's pushed off metal rod, Guichon loosens the chocolate up on a skinnier rod to get that perfect Slinky effect.

This is not the first creative confection we've seen from Guichon. He is the mastermind behind the beautiful, marbled chocolate straws and the perfectly piped chocolate tutu. He often posts tutorials on his Instagram, which has resulted in a sizable following of over 111k users. You can also check out his Facebook for more updates on his delicious desserts.

The finished product. Image by Amaury Guichon/Instagram

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