Pancake Art: 10 Cool Breakfast Designs to Try Out at Home

10 Cool Breakfast Designs to Try Out at Home

When it comes to making pancakes in the morning, most of us probably follow the instructions on the box. Mix all the ingredients together, pour onto a hot greased pan, and form perfect circular flapjacks one by one.

But pancakes are so much more than that. You can turn them into a rainbow-colored breakfast, cook them in a rice cooker, make fun shapes, and even turn them into miniature works of art. Below are ten of my favorite pancake art designs that are easy to replicate at home.

What You'll Need

1. Lace Pancakes

In this tutorial, Miss Recipe shows off some lace-style pancakes. Just fill the squeeze bottle with the pancake mix and whatever food coloring you'd like. Draw whatever defining lines need to stand out first, and then fill in the rest. You can make about any shape, character, or animal you'd like. Let your imagination be your guide.

2. Skull

Nathan Shields shows a basic shading technique with this skull. Simply outline the darkest areas first, and add the lighter areas in layer by layer.

3. Dragonball Z

Pancake Designer demonstrated the same shading technique as above, however, it is more simplistic since this one's a cartoon. Add an egg for a Super Saiyan effect.

4. Jigglypuff

Sketchflix created a character from one of everybody's favorite childhood cartoons, Pokémon. Make 151 pancakes to catch them all. The ones that matter, at least...

5. Powdered Sugar Art

Philinthecircle shows a way to make creative pancakes without having to make different shapes or shadings. Print out a picture of your choosing, cut out the outline, and place the paper onto the pancake. Sprinkle enough powdered sugar so that the picture shows on the pancake.

6. Adventure Time Bacon Pancakes

Feast of Fiction sang one of the best songs on Adventure Time while actually making bacon pancakes. Form the shape of Finn, cut a circle to distinguish where his face is, and add pieces of bacon for the face. For Jake, create his shape, then the shape of his snout, and add circular pieces of bacon for his face as well.

7. 3D Pancake

Jim's Pancakes puts a unique spin on the breakfast treat by adding another dimension. Create each side of the pancake individually, attach each side by using pancake mix as paste, then solidify it by putting it on the stove for a short time.

8. Sports Logo

FanSided shows us how to start game day with sports logo pancakes. Invite all of your friends for a pre-game breakfast and get the spirit going as early as possible!

9. Spirocakes

Nathan Shields uses an interesting contraption to make geometrically beautiful pancakes. Although the "Pangraph" is not for sale, you can make one at home, or you can create a similar style by free handing the design.

10. Panda

Studio Lorien shows us multiple ways to enjoy a pancake panda. You can use the shading technique, or you could cut the outline and add brown or powdered sugar over the pancake.

You can add sprinkles, brown sugar, chocolate chips, bananas, or whatever you'd like to add to the art. You can make anything from 3D art to the abstract, or something as simple as a cartoon character. For more ideas, simply search for "pancake art" on YouTube. And if you make any cool designs, please share them with us below!

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Let us know if you decide to try any of them...!

Right?! Tweet them to @FoodHacksDaily or @WonderHowTo if you try them! I'm really interested in the 3D one. The same person who made the bridge also made the Millennium Falcon and I'm dying to try it!

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