News: These Mouthwatering Sushi Burgers Are a Gift from the Lunch Gods

These Mouthwatering Sushi Burgers Are a Gift from the Lunch Gods

This delicious new trend is the lovechild of everyone's two favorite foods: hamburgers and sushi. Yeah, that's right... meet the sushi burger.

Sushi burgers are making the rounds on social media, but with these two tasty components I'm amazed it took this long for this hybrid to catch everyone's attention. (It definitely blows sushi burritos out of the water, that's for sure.)

Image by Carmen Martinez/Instagram

Essentially, a sushi burger replaces the hamburger's bun with sushi rice. And while I'm sure a ground beef patty would be excellent in a sushi burger, there are endless creative options for this hybrid burger.

Yonekichi, a restaurant in NYC, has been selling sushi burgers for 2 years now. They offer up everything from chicken patties and vegetables, to thinly sliced beef on their rice buns.

The least surprising 'meat' offered in this burger is raw fish, e.g., sushi-grade salmon... since it is a sushi burger, after all.

Sushi Burger at Yonekichi in NYC. Image by Yonekichi/Bedford and Bowery

This crazy hybrid may just be getting popular in the US today, but lo and behold, Japan's main hamburger chain, Mosburger, has been serving sushi rice burgers since 1987 at their locations around Asia and Australia. Hopefully, the rising hype of sushi burgers will bring a Mosburger back to the US (there was a branch in Hawaii, but the location closed).

The biggest question of all seems to be how to eat such a rice monster. If sushi is eaten using chopsticks and burgers are enjoyed with your hands, then how do you eat a sushi burger? It looks like the verdict is still out for the best way to eat one, but both Yonekichi in NYC and Mosburger grill their rice into patties before serving them as a sandwich; this may be a good way to keep the buns from falling apart too quickly.

Dini of The Flavor Bender, who has recreated sushi burgers at home, says that she and her husband use chopsticks and a fork and knife, respectively.

'Whatever helps you inhale this burger as quickly as possible' seems to be the rule for now!

Teriyeki Steak Sushi Burger. Image by Dini/The Flavor Bender

Instead of waiting for sushi burgers show up at your local fusion or hipster joint, follow the recipe linked above or check out Capi Foods' YouTube video below on how to make one at home.

But make no mistake: With all this hype, we won't have to wait long to see these drool-worthy sandwiches on menus all over the US.

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