News: Rainbow Bagels Are Taking the Country by Storm

Rainbow Bagels Are Taking the Country by Storm

No doubt you internet-savvy folks have seen the incredibly beautiful rainbow bagel going viral all over the country—and if not, let me educate you on its multicolored brilliance. Crafted by the brilliant bakers at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, this cheery creation has actually been around for 20 years now. Watch the video below to see how the colorful roll is created.

The process of creating bagels isn't a simple one, even when dealing with your average, run-of-the-mill variety. According to Serious Eats, even a regular homemade bagel involves making a yeast dough, letting it rise, boiling the hole-y rounds, then baking until they achieve just the right chewy texture.

Don't be sad, plain bagels-- you're still delicious! Image by Maggie Muggins/Cookbook Aficionado

So you can only imagine how much time and effort goes into the manufacturing of a multitude of the multilayer, multi-chromatic rainbow bagels. It's no surprise that the owners of The Bagel Store have become media darlings, and now there are requests for their rainbow bagel from all over the country.

A pile o' perfect rainbow bagels. Image by The Bagel Store/Instagram

Stephen Colbert and those awesome gals from Comedy Central's Broad City even took a little magical fantasy trip to "Happy Bagel Place" on The Late Show that really seems like something that might occur after one consumes a particular kind of mushroom... rather than a brightly colored Jewish breakfast treat. (But hey, we're not judging.)

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about... but just one look at this eye-popping brunch staple should put those questions to rest.

A psychedelic spread of rainbow bagels. Image by Leslie Mosier/Instagram

But there's more to the rainbow bagel than just, well, the bagel itself. Behold the rainbow bagel with its natural companion and soulmate: funfetti cream cheese!

Rainbow bagel AND funfetti cream cheese?! Yes please! Image by The Bagel Store/Instagram

Be dazzled by the jewel-toned version replete with cream cheese and sprinkles. (You can also get your sprinkles fix by making some delicious fairy bread, a fanciful import from Australia.)

Jewel-toned rainbow bagel, sprinkles, and a whole lotta happiness in this breakfast. Image by The Bagel Store/Instagram

The clever folks at Food 52 even created a rainbow of rainbow bagels with the proverbial pot of gold at its end!

A rainbow of rainbow bagels--how meta! Image by Mark Weinberg/Food52

If you want to make your own rainbow bagels, Vancouver food blogger Karen K. Lee has step-by-step instructions for making the vibrant bread from scratch. She even tops hers with lox and savory cream cheese (just because the bagels are rainbow-colored doesn't mean they're sweet)!

Rainbow bagels can be savory, so you can still enjoy your lox & cream cheese on them. Image via Karen K. Lee

Bagels are time-consuming to make, rainbow or no rainbow. If you still want some baked rainbow in your life, we've got an awesome guide for making rainbow bread that will satisfy your colorful cravings!

Fantastic bread for ice cream sandwiches! Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks

Breaking news: As of last week, one of the The Bagel Store's two locations has shut down for "maintenance." According to Marketing Coordinator Francine LaBarbara, this is truly a temporary closure while they adjust to their newfound fame and find a way to satisfy the long lines of customers eagerly awaiting a culinary encounter with the colorful treat. If anything, this will just make people even more determined to get a hold of these elusive bagels... so if you're in NYC, get ready to line up for even longer waits.

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