How To: 5 Delectable Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Halloween Chocolate

5 Delectable Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Halloween Chocolate

There's only one day that can top the aftermath of Easter and its copious amounts of leftover candy, and that is November — the day after Halloween. As you come down from your sugar rush and realize you now own more chocolate than your stomach can physically hold in one sitting ... fear not! Here are several ways to turn your Halloween chocolate into delicious snacks and desserts that you can enjoy at your leisure.

1. Chocolate Fondue Surprise

Just pick your favorite fondue method and throw in a cup or so of dark baking chocolate with your favorite candy bars. Stir until the overall chocolate consistency — barring any peanuts or candy in the bar itself — is smooth, then grab a marshmallow or banana and start dipping!

Junior Mints chocolate fondue? YES PLEASE! Image by Laura Holman/Food Hacks Daily

2. Chocolate Mashup Milkshake

This quick recipe only requires a scoop of chocolate ice cream, a king-sized candy bar, and a generous splash of milk (or two splashes, depending on how thick you like your milkshake). Combine these ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth; then pour into a glass and enjoy.

Sip on a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup milkshake! Image by Laura Holman/Food Hacks Daily

(If you're trying to use up fun-sized bars, here is a quick conversion list of the most popular chocolate treats.)

3. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Perfection

This perfect craving combination of salty and sweet gets taken to the next level with a candy coating. Simply give the candy of your choosing a few pulses in a food processor. Empty the chopped candy onto a plate. Dip your pretzels in some melted chocolate, then roll them in the candy coating and let them harden in the refrigerator.

M&Ms and Whoppers make a fun topping for these chocolate covered pretzel rods. Image by Laura Holman/Food Hacks Daily

4. Two-Ingredient Chocolate Bark

Bark is really easy to make but always looks both delicious and impressive. The recipe is so easy, it doesn't require amounts: just pour an even amount of melted chocolate into a greased baking dish, sprinkle it roughly with the chopped candy bars of your choosing, and let harden in the refrigerator. After about twenty minutes, you can cut it into squares and share with friends ... or just yourself. We won't judge!

Chopped Almond Joys give a sweet and nutty kick to this easy chocolate bark recipe. Image by Laura Holman/Food Hacks Daily

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Remix

Use your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, but instead of adding the required amount of chocolate chips, substitute in roughly chopped candy bar chunks. Voilà! Instant candy bar cookie.

Warm Reese's Peanut Butter cookies and a cold glass of milk - the perfect autumnal snack. Image by Laura Holman/Food Hacks Daily

A Chocoholic's Holiday Season Come True

Of course, we know that the season of excess has only just begun: Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close we can literally taste the copious amounts of food and candy they will bring.

With that said, any of these Halloween leftover treats will make for excellent holiday dessert ideas — especially the dipped pretzels and chocolate bark. Got any other splendid ideas for Halloween chocolate leftovers? Share them with us in the comments!

If you ever get tired of chocolate, however, we've got candy canes covered. Let's say you've used up all of your candy except your Sour Patch Kids ... we've got hacks for those suckers, too. And for your other non-chocolate candy, learn how to make your ice maker into a candy dispenser — impress your friends and party guests.

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Cover photo by Laura Holman/Food Hacks Daily

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